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Pre-Purhcase Questions
I haven't actually installed the demo yet to do some testing but i was curious about some of the installation that i didn't find clear in the documentation.

I have around 40 client machines on my network. For me to connect to them outside the lan, I'm going to have to configure unique ports for each client then setup forwards in my firewall for those? There is no software that i could install on one of my servers then forward a single port to that and then be given access to all my lan clients? Just asking because i looked at another product that was that way.

Is there a address book of some sort that i could use to setup shortcuts to each client?


Yes there is an address book in the viewer. It can also be exported and saved into any other machine running the Viewer.

What i would do in your case is use something like remote desktop, or even Radmin into one machine that also has the viewer on it. From that machine you could connect to any of your machines on the LAN. This would only require you to set up one port forward.

One final thought, there is a server frontend that I have used called SSL VPN. I'm not sure if it is supported anymore, but you can add plugins into it, and there is a compatible plugin to Radmin for it. It installs a viewer side to your machine and you log into the server and then have access to any number of machines via radmin from that one server. The access is direct, it is only facilitated by the SSL VPN server. There may be other solutions like this that behave the same way, but this is one I know of and have seen actually work.

I don't think Radmin is able to centralize outside connections on its own, though it would be a fantastic feature to have. Unless someone else has another idea to actually do what the OP wants to do, I would be curious to hear that as well.
Edited: John Rose - 18.05.2010 08:45:01
There is a special Radmin feature "connect through server". You need to install Radmin at your routing PC then you just connect via it to any PC (you will need to specify IP / port of routing PC then IP / port of internal PC).
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