Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity


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Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
Shortly I will need to activate Radmin 3 on 80-90 servers remotely. The FW access is tied right down on these servers so using an activation server is not an option. I dont really want to manually activate this many servers either. I can make a firewall change to allow access from every host out to a single IP / range, but I will need to know those details.

If someone could answer the following, that would be great:

- I would be doing the authentication via my Radmin Viewer, but I assume that the activation "traffic" would be sent from the server that I am trying to connect to, rather than my desktop? Is this correct?

- Does the activation utilise standard HTTP port 80?

- Finally, what's the IP address or range I would need to allow traffic out to?

Thanks in advance,
The best way to activate multiple machines is with the Activation Server. A server that you configure with a free portion of software located on the downloads page. This server then facilitates all the activations on your LAN. Just modify the MSI to point each individual installation to the activation server while it's installing, and each radmin server (network client) will come up, installed and fully activated. The only one that even needs internet access is the activation server itself. All other clients on the network receiving the software only need to be able to "see" the activation server.
You can mass deploy Radmin.msi via our Radmin Deployment Tool, then these PCs will automatically connect to Activation server specified. (Since it is outbound connection, firewall shouldn't stop it).
Hi guys,

Thanks for such a quick response. Maybe I didnt make my post very clear, apologies for that.

It may sound daft but due to strict security restrictions, I cannot allow any connectivity between the different LAN segments, even tied down to a custom port. I also cannot allow an activation server full internet access outbound. I am however, allowed to enable connectivity outbound from every host individually, but it must be out to a specific IP address on a specific port (i guess port 80). So am just after the IP address/port utilised by the server when activating it's radmin server instance.

Thanks again,
Just open the access to port 80 then :)
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