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Remote Connection over Internet to make a remote connection over internet using radmin 4?
Back to the future!

I think what Eugene is saying here is that youll need a time machine because Radmin 4 is not out yet.

Did you mean Radmin 3.4 Yance?
Hahahahaha..... i'm sorry. Wrong type, i mean radmin 3.4
If you are wanting to make a connection to a computer behind a router from the internet, you need to forward port 4899 to the computer you want to connect to. That should allow Radmin to connect through the router.

If you do not have a router, no port forwarding is necessary if using Windows XP, just put in the public IP of your computer and it should work.

Using Windows 7 however, you will most likely have to create a rule in your firewall in windows to again allow port 4899.

Here are the steps you must take in order to establish Radmin connection:

1. Download Radmin Server 3.x here and install it on the remote computer. A remote computer is a computer which you want to gain access to later via Radmin.

2. Download Radmin Viewer 3.x here and install it on the local computer. A local computer is a computer from which you connect to the remote computer.

3. On the remote computer right click on the blue Radmin icon in the system tray and click "Settings for Radmin server". Click "Permissions", make sure Radmin security is selected and then click the corresponding "Permissions" button. Click "Add user", choose username and password and click OK, OK. Then exit Radmin Server settings. You are done with the settings of Radmin Server.

4. The port you need to use is 4899. This is a default port, you can change it if you want, in Radmin Server Settings -> Options.

5. If the remote PC is located in a different LAN or is behind a router please download Hamachi from here: Install Hamachi on your local and remote PC. Run Hamachi, click Power On button on the lower left part of Hamachi window. You will get a virtual IP address shown on the upper part of Hamachi window. This IP address will be used for connecting with Radmin. Then please click Create or Join Networks button on the lower right part of Hamachi Window choose Create a new Network. Set a desired name and a password for your virtual network. Then on the remote PC please click Create or Join Networks button and choose to Join an existing Network, type in your network name and Password for joining a Network. After you are done, you will see that you will get two or more IP addresses shown while you point your mouse cursor over the Radmin Server tray Icon. Now you are done with setting up a virtual Network.

6. Again on the remote computer make sure that Windows built-in firewall doesn't block Radmin connection. Open Start -> Control panel -> Windows firewall, go to Exceptions tab and add Radmin port 4899 as an exception. If you have a proprietary firewall (for example, ZoneAlarm or any other firewall software) refer to its documentation to find out how to create exception for a port.

7. On the local computer open Radmin Viewer, on the main menu click "Connection -> New connection". Enter the IP address of the remote computer into "IP address or DNS name" field. (You have to enter a Hamachi IP address in case if you are connecting over the Internet, please see step 5.) Enter a descriptive name of the connection and click OK.

8. Now in order to connect to the remote computer in Full Control mode, right click on the newly created connection, and click Full Control in the context menu.
This is the answer I have previously thought :), based on your post on another thread.

I just thought Radmin can make a remote connection over the Internet with features that are integrated in the radmin. But it turns out, still need to use third-party applications (hamachi). So i think i also can use Easy VPN from comodo. Is that right?
You can use any VPN tunnel. If you are able to telnet the remote PC, you are able to connect via Radmin.
I am connecting to one of 2 PCs on a home network. They are both behind a router. Is the procedure in post #6 the same with Win 7 as it is for XP?
I've been using Logmein (Free Version) some time and I just install the software on any computer and that's it. I even have more than 2 PC inside a Domain of a company and I don't have to touch anything on their server. Do you have an option like this?. In fact, I'm looking for something more secure than Logmein (Free Version), because the host doesn't need to approve the connection, which means I can connect and see whatever the host is doing whenever I want. Also, when I need to add a new computer, the software always requires the login information of my account. what about your product? is almost the same thing or much better than logmein?
Depending on network configuration Radmin may require additional settings.
Also Radmin has "Ask for user permission" option and always require login and password.
I can not use radmin in other city over the internet.he asked me dns name or ip.what type dns name.radmin 3.4
help me fast.
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Hey I do have radmin installed on 3 computers all paid for also I have the radmin VPN on 4 computers 1 has windows 10 the other has windows 7 than I have the other 2 at my home behind the same dsl modem one with windows 7 and one with windows 10 all works awesome except for the one on my home network running windows 7 when I connect to the network with the radmin-vpn It says waiting for adapter ive looked in my hardware area because in my experience I should see a virtual network adapter beside my physical one but there is nothing ive uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck any suggestion ??
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