How to get access to a mapped drive while using file transfer


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How to get access to a mapped drive while using file transfer

Can anyone help to solve this issue that I canot see the mapped drive of remote computer while using File tranfer in Radmin 3.4? It was possible in 2.1. Is there any script or batch file to enable this feature? I would appreciate your kind help.
When establishing a file transfer connection, mapped network drives are only visible on the local side, not on the remote side. (I'm fairly certain this behavior was the same in version 2.x as well.)

As a workaround, you could make a full access connection to the remote client, then use that to make a file transfer connection from the remote client back to your machine. That way, from the perspective of the file transfer connection, the remote machine is actually "local" and mapped drives will show up there. It's clunky, but it will work.

I suspect that "show mapped drives on remote clients in file transfer mode" is probably on the wishlist for version 4.

Working as intended. For security reasons.
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