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MSI does not save configurations, Using RDT to install MSI
I am saving my MSI on a network share with the license and login ifo etc. When I install on a PC none of the license info is there. When I chek the MSI it was not saved.
How is it that you are creating this msi?

You also cannot CHECK a modified msi, once it is modified, if you open it again in the modifier, it will not show your changes, the wizard is only made to CREATE changes, and modify an MSI in one direction... you cant EDIT them unfortunately.

Does the target server have access to the internet to be activated? Or to the activation server itself? Alternatively, is perhaps the activation server not online.
Edited: John Rose - 22.06.2011 09:02:23
I am creating the MSI in the configuration tool. I add the license key. I chose to use the activation server which has access to the internet. I also choose to use Radmin permissions and added two users with full access. I then save it as a *mod.msi file. Once done, I use RDT to deploy to remote PC's. The PC's are then manually rebooted ( is this necessary? or is there a auto reboot? ) I then try to access via Radmin viewer and the passwords are not accepted nor does it show as registered. I hope this was not too long of an explanation.


1) What does Radmin server log say?
2) Radmin activation server log?
3) Do you have any users with login/pass/access rights at these Radmin servers?
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:

1) What does Radmin server log say? <2011.06.21 16:14:23> Installing Application (radmin_install_mod.msi) on 'MTELLER1'
The requested operation is successful. Changes will not be effective until the system is rebooted
2) Radmin activation server log? <3676> Actserv 2011.06.16 10:13 Radmin Activation Server 1 is started
<1748> Actserv 2011.06.21 09:38 Radmin Activation Server 1 is started
<1756> Actserv 2011.06.22 07:32 Radmin Activation Server 1 is started
3) Do you have any users with login/pass/access rights at these Radmin servers?Not at this time but I can physically access some of the PC's in the same office
Edited: Brock Goines - 22.06.2011 11:31:39
Please double-check
1) that PC with Radmin server has an access to Radmin activation server PC
2) that you've entered correctly your license key and address/port of you activation server to .msi if you are unsure please create a tech support ticket and attach a screenshot of these pages in .msi
I have opened a support ticket.

If you install Remote Desktop by using Microsoft Installer (MSI), MSI installs the Mstsc.exe, and Mstscax.dll files in the System32 folder, but if you uninstall Remote Desktop by using MSI, you cannot remove the Mstscax.dll file.
That should be addressed to Microsoft. Remote desktop is a Microsoft software.
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