Radmin server connection


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Radmin server connection
hey all,

As I know that if I want to connect to another pc which has the server installed on it.
I should forward the port 4899 to a specific ip of that desired pc!

so what I have to do is to access the default gateway and configure the port to be forwarded!

that sounds great if client and server are under same network!! (under same connection/router) and one does all and knows how to forward!
what about If I want access my friend's pc in USA ? or in any country
and he has a router and does not know how to forward and he has no idea about computers/networking?
Is there an easier way to access my friend's pc without port forwarding?

Might I suggest

many models of routers and how to port forward on them.
thanks for trying help out. but I needed another solution
I tried to make myself clear. I repeat that my friend has nothing with computers

he knows only to power the pc!! use facebook , access Microsoft Office and that's all.

he got very basic knowledge.

I do believe that there is something to do with this.
Yes you stated he was not very computer literate, however that site is designed for the computer illiterate to follow. If he cant follow the simple instructions on that site then you are not going to be able to control his PC with radmin. The only other advice I could suggest would be to find some website to get ahold of his machine one time, so then YOU could perform the port forward and use radmin from then on. I recall something called Hamachi. Perhaps tech assist, or something similar. Basically a site you direct him to, he is asked to put in a number and then click allow.
Muhamad eawedat - there is a product that will let you make that first connection with. If you provide me an email address I would be happy to provide you the product name. It is not proper to post in Radmins forum.
Stacey Cline
There is a sticked topic "how to connect without an external address" with screenshots and links.
hey Guys
thank you very much for your help
you are really very helpful!

Stacey Cline , I appreciate it: email :

Eugene Idzikovsky , it is
"How to establish the connection outside of LAN" to be more specific.
because I searched : "How to connect without an external address" did not find results.

thank guys
Robert, thanks for your reply.

I think it is Hamachi as mentioned in the stick thread, is not it?

Do you think it would be better to use a VPN program if you want to access someone else's PC on different country?
Edited: Wally Lights - 20.12.2011 02:44:52
VPN would be a good idea.
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