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Radmin Port Forwarding & IP Hosting, Radmin Port Forwarding & IP Hosting
Hi. I have a TP-Link WR941N. Can tell me somebody what I can do to access my office Computer from home? I've tried to forward ports etc and nothing. Thanks!

Did you forward port successfully? (that could be checked by telnet)
Yes and still nothing :cry:
I need a tutorial... step by step
So when you "telnet IP port" from your Radmin viewer PC you get a success? What error you get when you connect by Radmin?
Hi again. I need a complete tutorial for TP-Link WR941N because I don't know where I make something wrong.

We recommend you using port-forwarding. When a computer on the internet sends data to the external ip address of the router, the router needs to know what to do with the data. Port Forwarding simply tells the router which computer on the local area network to send the data to. When you have port forwarding rules set up, your router takes the data off of the external ip address:port number and sends that data to an internal ip address:port number. Port Forwarding rules are created per port. So a rule set up for port 53 will only work for port 53.

More information on port-forwarding you can find here:

Please, visit this page, find you router model and follow the onpage instructions:
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