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remebring passwords?
is there a option i'm not seeing for remebring passwords i work for a farely large customer service company and we need to monitor a few computers at once it's kid of hard to remember all those account logins
-LOS :|
Doing that would represent a VERY major compromise in security. The best way to achieve this same result is to make all of the computers on the network use WinNT Auth and make your and other Tech support Reps have Full Control on Each machine. This can be done in the password dialog under settings. Then when you or any other authorized tech are logged in to a PC you will not have to enter a password at all as your Windows Username and Password will be authentication enough. This is one of my favorite features that RAdmin uses and I use it almost exclusively :)
What you need is a password manager. That way you can set up all your account passwords, and get to them with one master password. I use Oubliette (freeware!), myself.
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