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Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.

Excellent your viewer 3.0, and is perfect adding chat and text msn.

Please, when can I test the 3.0 server version.

You have spanish version?

This Version 3.0 Server, have "HIDE ICON" like 2.1 Version, this its very important for users control.

Best Regars.

We're doing our best to promptly finish with Radmin Server 3.0 development. Currently it's not available for public testing and download. Radmin Server 3.0 should be presented at CeBIT'06 in March 2006.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
CeBit is a little more than a week away. Are you going to have the server ready by then.
If so when will we (your current customers) be able to see it? Also when do you expect an update to the Beta client?
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So we should be seeing the new version by this coming Thursday. Can't wait to download it and see it in action.

Tim Bryant
I received an email about your upcoming event at the CEBIT in Germany. While I won't be able to attend, I am anxious to hear about CEBIT and more importantly RADMIN SERVER 3.0.

My question is, Will the 3.0 Server Beta be available after CEBIT?

I cannot even think of what my life was before Radmin. When ever one of my remote clients had a problem, I had to get in my car and travel. Now all I do is tell the user to sit back and watch!!

In New Jersey I have a Verizon Wireless Broadband connection and your software works great with it. On many occasions, I have pulled over on the side of the road or in a rest area and fixed a problem remotely.

One feature I would love to see is an Internet Explorer Active X plugin version. I understand the security issues you might encounter, but on occasion I don't have my laptop with me when I need to access a client site. Being able to go into an Internet Cafe or even borrow someone's laptop would be worth it's weight in gold.

Currently I carry a USB Key with the radmin viewer and my address book so I can connect, but an IE version would be so much cleaner.
Ok, here's the deal. There are so many available software that do the same thing that Radmin does. Literally doesens of packages both commercial and free.

The most important reasons that have always kept me with radmin as opposed to other software that may have even "more" features sometimes are as follows:

1. Strong mandatory end-to-end encryption.

I know what you're thinking. "so what, other software provide encryption too sometimes even stronger then Radmins". Yes but I have never seen a software that you could NOT decrypt the password from local "protected" memory or from the registry. With Radmin, your password is safe even on customer machines that you hardly ever visit and that even run under Administrative accounts. That is very special to me. Similar to the way Skype's (messenging software) password cannot be decrypted even when running under admin privs while ALL other known messengers have corresponding utilities to decrypt or "recover" their passwords. Basically, about the only thing you can do is CHANGE or REPLACE the password in the registry but NOT recover it.

2. Lightwieght, stable, and FAST.

Yes, the programmers of Radmin have taken WAY too long to release a new version. It is, at best, frustrating. However, what software DO YOU KNOW that can withstand such a LONG test of time and still work to levels of extreme satisfaction?? YEARS have passed and Radmin STILL outperforms brand new, and even seasoned competitors! This is something of a 9th wonder to me. While other software have gone through 15 version numbers Radmin has gone through almost none and still stands up to the test.


What? Can that be possible? NO WAY! ... Oh yes way, no one (as of this writing, lets not get too cocky) in this many years has ever been able to remotely exploit Radmin via common overflows and the like. Search every well-known and "underground" security area and you'll not find one usable remote exploit. God ***** that's good programming if you ask me.

Without these things. Radmin REALLY IS NOTHING MORE then "just another remote administration utility".

Given how long I have waited to hear that a v3 Server Beta exists, I think I can wait a little longer if I have to. I'll add my support to Montana's post, and add one additional comment.

IT'S TIGHT CODE! Think about how software is distributed today. CD's! Most programs are Huge and full of Bloat. RAdmin, server and client, fit on a 3.5" floppy for goodness sakes! My guess is this is one of the things that has contributed to the impressive security record for RAdmin.

I'd rather wait for the software a little longer that put up with bad software!
I'll add that this is the best, least bloated remote administration program I've used in the past 10 years as an admin. It just works... even on 64-bit servers and always as expected.

The one and ONLY complaint I wiil ever have - and the one THAT MAY BE THE DOOM OF THE PRODUCT - is that ANTIVIRUS COMPANIES TAG RADMIN AS A THREAT. workarounds are hit or miss. If Famatech doesn't convince Symantec (others have mentioned that legal action for anti-competitive action - i.e. pcanywhere), I'm afraid Famatech will lose more and more business as time goes by.

Sadly, if their product was $350 per license instead of $35 per license, I'd bet we'd not see this problem. Corporate America doesn't like the reasonably priced competition - and I suppose that the reality is that kids who can afford a $35 exploit tool cannot afford a $199 pcanywhere - bloatware or not.

PLEASE, FAMATECH - FIX THIS PROBLEM! I vote that you sue Symantec. That'll get their attention.


We work on this problem and i hope we'll have an agreement soon (I know that you hate this word but i can't tell you precise date).

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
Don't even bother "fixing" this problem. It's not a problem anymore. All you have to do is add r_server.exe and raddrv.dll to your AV's EXCLUSION list and the problem is solved. Yes, i understand that this wasn't always working in the past with some AV's (e.g. KAV), however most companies have long since fixed these exclusion problems and basically it is a thing of the past.

I URGE that Famatech does NOT make the AWFUL mistake of NOT allowing radmin to be completely hidden to appease EVIL companies such as Symantec!!
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