Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date


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I believe it was also mentioned that security of the code had to be implemented... That was supposedly also a major holdup for releasing a public beta.

If you search the forum, you may find reference to it (if the post was not deleted).
Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
Just an update on 3.0 beta


Thank you. :!:

Please keep us posted.
If you could be more specific about a possible release date I would appreciate it highly.


Michel Uphoff

this is truely amazing!
Dmitri himself and the company lied to you since ages and you *still* thank for virtual progress? I am sorry but IMHO you're fools.

Next time I thank Dmitri or whomever is when I have a Alpha/Beta in my hands.

I've seen that there are many posts since my last one. Thank you for understanding, I'll be trying to keep you updated on what's going on.

Today we tested what's we're going to publish as beta. I can say that we haven't found any real problems or bugs. There are some things that might seem not very good but I suppose it's Ok for the beta.

First, there are some problems with a full support of Multiple monitors. Now it works but there is some fuzz on the screen if you do not turn off your wallpaper. Actually it's related to some Microsoft bug, so you can see the same thing in Remote Assistance. In the release we'll try to find some workaround but it should be Ok for the beta.

Second, in what we have we do not still have full support of the 'switch user'. We'll definitely provide it in the release as we have the solution for this. However it does not work 100% now.

Third, Windows NT will not be supported in beta. Our new driver can't work there as Microsoft started to support the imirror driver technology only begining with SP 6 and it was pretty much different from what they have now. So Radmin will be working there in the same way like under Win9x.

Otherwise everything seems to be good. We're working on the installation procedure now. I believe it should not take much time. You know it's going to be more complicated because we're installing mirror driver which is present in the Hardware Devices list.

Thank you again for your patience and your faith i our product. I hope we'll have good news for you soon.

Best regards,

P.S. Sure, Dmitri Znosko still works. He's Famatech CEO and he is pretty much involoved in everyhting what's going on here.
Some more things I'd like to say.

Actually you will not find more information on our Russian forum. We're more focused on this one. So you do not have to look for any translators or bilinguals.

I promise 'if' we do not make public beta release on Monday (but I hope we'll do that anyway), you'll see at least the screenshots. BTW we've recently added the toolbar on the Remote Screen. So those who saw 3.0 on CeBIT did not see it. Sorry that it took another week of development but it's really cool.

Best regards,
:| Sounds great.. but takes so long..
LOL. This is really funny.

They are finally gonna release a BETA on monday.
(that won't happen, but anyway...)

4 years in the making and it's still BETA.

Time to move on folks... There's nothing to see here..
Thanks for the update, is there going to be a new version of the viewer as well as the Beta of the server?
Thanks for the update! appreciated!
Sure, it's all about a full version - viewer and server.
hey even if you can't get out the server an updated veiwer taht fixes that keyboard issue would be a nice step :-)

(I don't care about an installer I just want the exe in a zip)
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
I promise 'if' we do not make public beta release on Monday (but I hope we'll do that anyway), you'll see at least the screenshots.


Thanks for the update.
The communication is in fact improving a lot. A big difference imo, getting some confidence back (allways look at the bright side, if possible). Very curious if I will see beta 3 tomorrow.



I just want to add that I am very pleased to saw more communicationand precisions from Famatech, this forum is very important for the feedback that we receive from this product.

I'm still confident that we are reaching the end and count on all of us to feed you for the bugs or improvment for the final release, if they're any bug. Hehhe..
i agree im seein more and more info on keepin us uptodate on the sight way to go
I also am pleased to see more communication.
But the result is still the same

I can't wait to test version 3
Are we likely to see a release today? Or will we have to do with screenshots.
What does Radmin 3 and Duke Nukem Forever have in common? They both won't ever be released... ;)
LOL duke nukem and radmin3.

So who wants to bet that there will be NO news, no screenshots, no new version today?

Any bettin men out there?
$10 on NO
Neil Dalby wrote:
Are we likely to see a release today? Or will we have to do with screenshots.
Looking at the reliability of this company so far, my bet would be that you get to see neither.
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