Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date


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It is now Tuesday in many parts of the world. I will be attempting to fly west throughout the afternoon and evening so that it will still be Monday wherever I am so in turn the latest promise is sitll possible! Of course I am running out of timezones.... :D

I really should have gone out for the latest Amazing Race. Didn't they go through Moscow?! I could have stopped at Famatech when we had some downtime.....
Can you tell us more about these "3rd party tools"? I am uanare of their existence or whereabouts.

Well, RClient is a viewer-side client that was put out by VolmSoft for RAdmin 2.1. It's shareware, and hasn't been updated for 2.2 (and certainly not 3.0), but I suppose it would still work as a viewer. I primarily use its scan network feature, which will give you a list of all "pingable" nodes on a subnet, as well as which ones have RAdmin server running. With this you can somewhat ease the process of building your RAdmin phonebook. It's available from; just search for "radmin" and look for "Client for Remote Administrator 2.1".

As for RHelper, it's basically a little script with a VB front-end GUI that is great for pushing RAdmin to clients across a network. It only works if you already have admin access to the clients, so it's NOT suited for using RAdmin for hacking/illicit purposes. It's best suited for pushing to client machines on a domain.
Here's the cool part: it was created by one of us, "Steven", who posted info about it to Famatech's forums back in 2004.
Here's the link where you can download it; I tested it and it still works:

(If Famatech deletes this post, I'll replace it with a shorter, more innocuous version, or just e-mail rls the details.)

One last note: here's the link to the original forum where RHelper was discussed:

I'm sure there are other cool tools out there, probably even better ones, but these are the ones I'm familiar with. If people are interested in discussing this further, maybe we can create a new topic area called "3rd Party Tools" or something.

Does anybody here still believe there EXISTS a radmin server 3.0?? ;) ;)

We don't even have seen a screenshot yet......
Give the guys a break. It takes a lot of work to load up a program and press the 'Print Screen' button 6 or 7 times. I know when I have to do screen shots of the applications I write, it takes at least 5, sometimes even 10, minutes out of my day!

I bet it would take even longer if I had to take a screenshot and then use photoshop to change the "2.2" in the titlebar to read "3.0".
You're really good at interpreting the time schedule...:-D
Well, RClient is a viewer-side client that was put out by VolmSoft for RAdmin 2.1. It's shareware, and hasn't been updated for 2.2 (and certainly not 3.0),

Thanks for the pointers.
@Roman or to whom it may concern
Why can't you give any comment? I mean, it looks like you have enough free time to delete customer opinions so you can at least give a short comment whats going on.
HERE IT IS! The EXCLUSIVE Screenshot of Radmin 3 !

Good joke, Thomas ! :D
Isn't it nice that they the president of the company swears up and down it WILL be released on Monday, and _IF_ something drastic happens and it cant he will post screenshots for us.

We get neither of those .. and not even a post saying "sorry guys missed our 221st release date, but tommorow really ! "
NO just use Firefox with the ScrapBook extension and then you can save all the pages before Famalate deletes posts from their paying customers! Then you can later repost them!
I'm really sorry that we have not published new screenshots. You'll see them later today.

Actually we have holidays today and yesterday, so I was unable to coordinate this. But just FYI our developers work all these days .

I apologise again and we'll keep you updated. Tomorrow I'll send you the detailed updated status.

Best regards,
You can also subscribe to the topic, so that every post gets e-mailed to you. Before any deleting occurs. They can delete what they want on the forum, but they can't touch your e-mail once it's been sent; and the way the forum is set up, e-mail occurs immediately, whereas moderation (deleting) occurs much later.
..and we'll keep you updated ...

yes like you did yesterday, or the week before? or the month before? We're sure famatech will keep us updated...

But, stop, you cannot keep us "updated" because there is nothing you can update, no fix release date, no screenshots, no server beta, no nothing.. What do you want to update? Your promises? to late they ran out yesterday, now you have to give some new promises and a day before they ran out you CAN update. (But we're sure this won't happen again, right?)
I just gotta a watcher of the Radmin Forums for the past several years..your guys' posts about the VaporWare that is ver 3.0 (at least so :-( ...)
has provided me with much entertainment. I've now officially subscribed to get all new posts I don't miss any of those rare "deleted" posts. Radmin 3.0 and the developers of the software would fit real good on a show called "X-Files" they say "The Truth is Out There".....

I think we need to send CHUCK NORRIS to the Moscow office of Famatech. Not to round-house kick anybody or anything, but to help with the programming, since Chuck has ALREADY written a similar program for use on his own computers, which is faster than radmin and is only 30k in size. Chuck killed the last guy who bugged him for a screenshot, so forget about seeing any proof of this.
I just can't figure out how he (FoxITO) can find the time (seconds) to capture a screen shot and post them here! just amazing! It is only 2006 and he can pull that off with today's technology?

ha ha very funny, I am not a programmer.
BUT I am waiting to try the new radmin3.0 beta. and it seems it was promised to be available by now.....
I can't seem to be able to find it on this website. nothing here but funny postings. but I am not very good at computers, and I had to get the girls in my harem to spell check this for me. I am only good at KILLING............

I would like it very much if I could download the new radmin 3.0 beta AS PROMISED, since it wil allow me to be in many places at once. If not I will have to use my frequent flyer miles and GO TO THE PLACES I NEED TO BE. like moscow maybe ( then tehran).

thank you
chuck norris

PS: if you delete this post you are in very big trouble
Detail to Dmitrys statement:
\"Actually we have holidays today and yesterday, so I was unable to coordinate this. But just FYI our developers work all these days .\"

May 9. The Victory Day / (DAY OFF)
This spring day went down in the chronicle of the USSR as the end of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the most dramatic war in Russian history.

Well since "late" is a key word here why not send my belated wishes for a Happy Victory Day!
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