Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues


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Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
No remote printing feature???
Are you serious???

Famatech - can you please explain what happened to this promised v3 feature?

Hello? Famatech?

Look at the "RADMIN 3.0 Beta Features List" at the down load page, they listed what is and what is not in the beta and what is planed for V3x, server to client and printing IS included.

Cut and paste:
Some features planned for future updates

* Callback functionality: Radmin Server can connect to Radmin Client.
* Full screen text mode support.
* Choice of font to be used to display full screen mode.
* Support of disabling the serverís mouse and keyboard.
* Remote printing support.
* Blank user screen support.

But what does that mean???

Future update to v3 before final release?
Future update meaning v3.1 (in 5 years)?
Future update meaning v4 (in 20 years)?

I want a statement from Famatech on this issue.
I was told a year ago that this feature would be in v3. Now I would like a cairification.

Dear Famatech,

Thanks for releasing the beta it is a shame that people arenít just happy that the new "Mirror Driver" has made Radmin the fastest Remote control seen to date.

We were already aware that the product was not complete so I see no point in everyone bagging the new release.

USERS: Famatech are aware of what functions are not working but released the BETA for the people that were so eager to see the new product. It seams they can't win you put ***** on them for not releasing it then you put ***** on them for it not being complete!!

Get a life - You can't have you cake and eat it people.....

Thanks Famatech looking good please donít give up. :D

PS. Beta is a testing platform so anyone that installed it on their "Live" systems deserves to have their phone book entries deleted and I hope it takes you ages to retype them again.
Don Henly wrote:
It seams they can't win you put ***** on them for not releasing it then you put ***** on them for it not being complete!!

4 1/2 years after Famatech publicly (on this forum) announced the list of features and said it would be ready in Nov/Dec (2001), and after they have repeatedly said the reason it was delayed is due to their desire to release something that is fully tested and has "no errors", I think it is reasonable to be disappointed in what has been released this week.

Apparently, you are completely satisfied, which is fine. Some of us are not.
okay I agree with some people that it's weird that a product (that takes 3-4 years to update) still contains bugs, but it's still beta... I do question myself.. if this has over 15 bugs.. will the non-beta be released before or after Vista gets released.. and since it doesnt work in Vista.. :-/ I hope for the best for the buyers. I didnt buy it, because I expected something like this. :o
1. I started a Remote Administrator session to a laptop. It works just fine.

2. I used Remote Desktop to connect to the laptop while the Radmin session was still alive and [the RAdmin session was] logged in to a local admin account on the laptop. It forced the local user to log off with Remote Desktop. RAdmin showed the log off and when the Remote Desktop started logging in, RAdmin screen went blank. Odd, but RAdmin was still able to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote machine while the screen was blank.

3. I logged off the Remote Desktop session. RAdmin screen...connected the whole still blank when laptop display returns to Windows Logon. Sending Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work now.

4. Disconnected from laptop and reinitiated the RAdmin session. This did not work, the RAdmin viewer displayed a blank window with a resolution for about 640x480 (laptop is much higher) sized screen and I still cannot send Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5. Restarting the service remotely did not fix the problem.

6. Had to restart the machine... I was able to use RAdmin to do this, but when it was restarting the screen went blank on the laptop and it took a while to restart.
Installation on 64 Wiindows...

Installed okay, but since Windows still forces the binaries to C:\windows\syswow64 vs. C:\windows\system32 the Shortcuts are broken and the services doesn't install correctly.

BUT, when you run the config and set all the necessary settings, the config realizes this and asks you if you want to reinstall the service and that works. So just the shortcuts need to be updated...something that can be done with the config?

...Also I guess no driver for 64 bit :cry:
When using full control where the remote screen is anything over 1024x768 (I was using 1152x864) the remote cursor, although it is correct at far left, gradually seperates from the local cursor.

By the time the local cursor has reached the far right, the remote cursor is a good 30 pixels behind or so, and you can't click on anything on the far right of the screen.
Problems currently in Beta 1 of Server/Viewer 3.0.

1) Serious: I've purchased 2.2 version and can't log onto viewer/full control on 2.2 server with beta 1 of viewer 3.0.

2) Strange characters on window name on full control/view screen.

3) Cannot disable control toolbox. Or at least make it transparent or slide-in etc.

4) Serious: Cannot import phonebook from beta viewer 3.0 to beta 1 viewer 3.0.

5) Should be able to switch between all window modes with F12 key.

6) Blank screen not working.

7) Remote cursor shows always.

Although i have to admit the new server/viewer are way faster than the old version even with 24bit color depth. And as far as i saw the first problem will be corrected. Hope the better for the rest.
Thanks fore all who sent their comments on the 3.0 beta.

Unfortunately we did not see much concerning what's really new in it. We know very good that there are some functions not working yet but it's just a beta version. In the same time we really need to have more feedback on many new things we have done. Radmin 3.0 is based on absolutely new technology, it has like 20-30% common with Radmin 2.x. We have developed Radmin Miror driver, new protocol is used for the data transfer, there is a new security based on AES-256 bit encryption and new authentication (Diffie-Hellman), many changes to interface, chat, audio chat, etc. It's all new and we need your feedback.
I think most of the problems are already posted, more will come if those other function starts to work :)

I really like this new version, quit fast, almost wanted to buy me a license for it ... but then again ... I'm not into paying for something and have to wait for more then a year to see the final product (if it was almost completed now, maybe I would, but there are just too many features not working).

And as most of us people here, we don't suspect any final production (or new beta) release very soon.

Can you guys give us some idea about the release plans? Beta updates, deadline for the final, ... anything ?

If you were going to post weekly updates of the beta and we see it grow to the final, you probably keep some of your customers ..
Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
Thanks fore all who sent their comments on the 3.0 beta.

Unfortunately we did not see much concerning what's really new in it. We know very good that there are some functions not working yet but it's just a beta version. In the same time we really need to have more feedback on many new things we have done. Radmin 3.0 is based on absolutely new technology, it has like 20-30% common with Radmin 2.x. We have developed Radmin Miror driver, new protocol is used for the data transfer, there is a new security based on AES-256 bit encryption and new authentication (Diffie-Hellman), many changes to interface, chat, audio chat, etc. It's all new and we need your feedback.

Your new mirror driver is quite remarkable. I see quite a difference over the 2.2 version. Working on a remote computer feels even more like I'm sitting in front of it. The speed is excellent even over the internet. I must applaud your team for developing such a fast technology while maintaining such a high level of security.

I'm not sure how feasible it is to enable backwards compatibility and original phonebook functionality to the beta at this time, however, it would enable me to really start testing out the new server more efficiently. The other features I realize will come later, which is no problem as this is just a beta version.
Dimitry: Please see my post above (incase you missed need for reply) about the Remote Desktop issue. I will be testing multiuser login soon, but this may be related to that, you would know better than me.

Chris Koystas and the rest...please read through posts before you post. Then you would have realized that not all features were enabled and that using Radmin 2.2 and the first Radmin 3.0 beta viewer would not work with the server release 3.0 and that the latest Radmin viewer BETA 1 does not view 2.2 or lower servers. It just frustrates those that are paying attention and the developers with wasted posts. This also includes looking in other threads than this one if need be.
Honestly we did not think that Viewer beta <-> Full beta phonebooks compatibility would be such an issue. Probably our first Radmin Viewer beta is used on a larger scale than we expected. Now we just have some different format for phonebooks as there are more fields there. Anyway I will communicate this to our developers.
Ask your developers when remote printing might be added.
I have been actively using v3.0 since its release.

The following are issues that I hope to be resolved. Some have been mentioned by other forum users.

1) I really like the dual monitor support. I have been connecting to a dual monitor server from a single monitor viewer. In full screen mode, the automatic panning function between the two remote monitors is excellent. However, I think that the panning should only happen if one moves the mouse all the way to the edge of the screen and holds it there. Currently Radmin pans to the secondary monitor if the mouse is brought anywhere near the edge of the viewer (maybe 100 pixels or so). The problem is that if one just wants to use a scrollbar on the edge fo primary screen, just the act of trying to select it with the mouse causes the screen to pan and switch.

2) Is the toolbar item "Choose remote monitor to view" enabled now? It doesn't seem to do anything on my system. By the way, is there a maximum resolution supported by v3.0?

3) It would be nice to have your splash screen come up immediately during the connection process, rather than with the current delay. I always use Radmin from shortcuts with commandline switches and it would be nice to have some immediate feedback when the program has been invoked.

4) I too would like the toolbar have the ability to be hidden/shown with some sort of keystroke. Also, a command line switch to hide it would be excellent.

5) I too would like some way to hide the tray icon. I just prefer not to have the clutter.

6) The remote cursor modes are not enabled as far as I can tell.

7) I have the same nonsense characters in the viewer title bar that other users have reported.

8) The speed of Radmin is excellent. The only issue that I have encountered so far is when I have tried to use the screen clipping tool in Microsoft OneNote - this seems to use some sort of screen overlay. The mouse tracking becomes exceptionally slow in this circumstance. It might be worth your investigation.

I had to turn off hardware acceleration in my VMWare virtual machine to get the curser not to lag. VMWare recommended that the hardware acceleration be turned on. The curser seems to be real time and I havent notice any performance degradation in the VM.

Thanks for the new release. So far so good!

.... I don't know what to say. 5 years... 5 years.

Anyway, I wish it were possible for Fametech to steal/hire some Kaspersky engineers. Man I tell you right now those effing guys are NO joke, they REALLY SIT THEIR A**ES DOWN AND CODE DAY AND NIGHT! I honestly and truly believe that you guys need to swallow your pride and get some worthy outside help to get this Radmin3 out of this strange perpetual "sourceforge-like" development stage.

Kasperky's product has nothing to do with Remote Administration but it is a 100x more complex product with kernel-drivers up the a**, hooking everywhere, self-protection, just unbelievable.. The point is we were seeing new builds ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ***** DAY! We were seeing so many improvments, so fast that <can you believe it> we were having TROUBLE keeping UP!

HOW is that possible.. Ok so they have like 10 guys working on the ***** thing but STILL! Famatech you are RUSSIANS!!! you are SUPERIOR PROGRAMMERS! I have a great respect for Russian software because it really is "better" so it's a shame and it saddens me to see that this is the 4/5 year "progress" that has been made.

Well, at least the urban-myth is over. So it's a start. But please don't embarrass your fellow Russian coders any further by making your customers wait ANOTHER 5 years to see a finished and perfected NON-BETA version of Radmin3. Hire some more Russian coders who can turbo-charge this EXCRUCIATINGLY slow development-process that Famatech is infamous for.

What I'm saying is that you're on the right track.. but Jesus Christ you've been on it for way to long! hurry up and get to the station already!!! :D :D Good luck.
The dual monitor support you say??? I've dual monitors at work and single monitor at home. At work, only the left monitor has Windows taskbar. I just cannot click any of the icons in the right bottom corner of the left screen. Once I move mouse in that direction (no matter how carefully) - the screen just flies to the second monitor and I cannot slow it down. Is it a speed contest between computer changing monitors and myself? In 10 minutes in full screen view I could not click in the right bottom corner of the left screen a single time. So, I cannot use the right portion of the left screen and the left portion of the right - basically the whole center of my desktop, because it just flies away from me. I would better use old good radmin 2.2 wihout support for the second monitor :(

The other annoying thing is... the screen has become noticably slower once I installed radmin 3 beta 1 on both ends. The previous combination of radmin 2.1 server with 3.0 client worked a lot better. I did not do benchmarking, it's just my visual impression. I use default 8 bit color depth.

Change your updates / second to like 15 or maybe 20

I have absolutely no idea why Radmin ships this product with a default of 100updates/second this is totally unnecessary and just kills the cpu. A setting of 20 and a setting of 100 will look absolutely identical even on a gigabit connection, the setting of 100 just eats CPU and massacers slower computers such that you can do nothing on them.

v3 is signifiacantly faster then v2.2 so if you are seeing slower its a settings problem.
...Also I guess no driver for 64 bit
That's why Radmin Server 3.0 beta 1 works only in File Transfer and Telnet connection modes on Windows XP 64 bit.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
That's why Radmin Server 3.0 beta 1 works only in File Transfer and Telnet connection modes on Windows XP 64 bit.

To be clear about this, has anyone got v2.2 or v3.0 beta working in Remote Control mode on a Windows XP 64 bit system?
2.2 works just fine on XP 64 bit .. and windows 2003 64bit for that matter ..

just the "files" dont get put in the system32 directory, all i had to do was basically copy all the files from c:\program files (x86)\radmin to c:\windows\system32 , and everything works like a charm.

3.0 .. i havent tested and dont intend to test on my 64 bit platforms :)
Thanks, Todd.
Walter Holm wrote:

I just wanted to put all the 'problems' I had detected to a single post. I don't think that stating something that is right is frustrating anyone.

Plus I did write that I noticed (obviously on the forum) that the first issues are just temporary and stated that the speed is quite improved compared to the previous versions.

I consider the disability to connect to 2.x version clients very serious because of that I had to uninstall completely my paid version or use the 2.2 viewer that lacks full control over keyboard which is important for me.

Also a lot of people here seek compatibility or import function from the old beta viewer phonebook. If that is not possible or would be too much of trouble for the new viewer (as a developer I know what it means to sustain migration issues with new versions..) a simple convertion utility would be ideal for most people here (I believe)...

Anyway.. i keep using the new version no other problem so far.
Sometimes if you have put the tray icon for always on top and hit on "Stop RAdmin Server" and you select start from the Start Menu a second icon appears.

Also while RA Server stopped the "Current Connections" option of the tray icon doesn't popup any information window.

Always see a noticeable extra delay upon connecting to clients compared to previous versions, even from GBit lan until the user/password window appears.
Thanks Chris Koystas and others.

We're working upon all troubles that have been mentioned here.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
I don't know, if this was already posted, I just found another bug or it is not implementet yet:

I can't use the "Connect through" feature with the new 3.0 Server / Viewer ...

This feature is really important for me, to connect from home through firewall to a customer!!

Best regards

Here's another issue that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere and isn't related to any features that have yet to be implemented:

I was testing the file transfer connection mode, transferring about 186MB of assorted files, and RAdmin crashed on an XML file. I tried several more times, and it always crashed on the same file.

I can send the error details and the XML file to anyone who's interested, just e-mail me and let me know.
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