Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon


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Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
It will be available for all registered users upon request.



I trust we wil be informed in detail how to order that special build.

Michel Uphoff
Thanks Dmitry, that is a huge relief!
This is a good solution, the two versions should be easily distinguishable to satisfy the SOX guy.
I see some guys asking for silent install now...
It seems to me that silent install + hide tray icon = haxor ware.
and there you are again on all the virus lists.
I'm happy as long as you release one legit version that addresses compliance issues. One that works right, anyway...see my next post under a bug topic
Hopefully if they do a special version for users, it's compiled specifically for those users in such a way that if it's illegally used for spyware, it can be added to virus/spyware definitions without affecting the rest of us.
Thank you Radmin. This is a very good alternative. and for having over 5000 visits i think this was an important topic. Thank you once again and hope to see the final version.

Special version or not, Symantec sucks sooooo much balls when it comes to programming (their programmers are on the same level as children learning C++) but yet they have the power to force other companies to change their software.

Symantec should be dissemboweled, deconstructed and buried as far underground as U.S. laws permit for the handling of extremely hazerdous ***** . Symantec is a company of FILTHY RITCH LAZY bums that caters to unknowledgable ignorant brainwashed people who continue mindlessley buy their expensive yet USELESS products.

I hate you Symantec. You let me down from the once noble company you were 10 years ago. So now we have to expect SEPARATE product for a stupid rediculous 10-line code-modification that allows for icon-hiding. Thats dumb. I say Famatech should spit in Symantecs and other AV vendors faces instead and not let them dictate how to program YOUR software.

I mean people are going to buy ONLY the special version now which is a virtual guarantee and we'll all be back in the same boat because AV vendors (and fake AV vendors like Symantec) will slap it right back on the "Riskware" list. Also, why are customers so blind? You DO know we have a such thing as EXCLUSION LISTS in ALL AV PRODUCTS don't you? So who CARES if r_server* is marked as riskware? Add it to the ***** exclutions.

Keep one product in my opinion with ability to remove icon and screw AV vendors. If you don't, you MUST realize that someone will program a way to remove the icon at the .exe level anyway.... thats fact.

** **
** **

I honestly expected to be moving on to another product, your decision to make a build available for paying users will be a massive relief and we will happily upgrade to v3 site license when it is available.
So when and where can we ask for this new "SPECIAL" version?

Thanks for the consideration.

Did you not read the posts at all ? It will not be available for the beta's only in the final and only for registered customers. I am sure information will be posted when the final is released (likely some months from now).

I am estatic.


I was just leaping with joy to hear they would be releasing this special SW. Thanks.
On one point. u mean some months???


Todd is referring to Famatech's history of saying something will be released tomorrow, then waiting for 3 or 4 years before providing the promised update...
David Matson
Consultant, Freelance Writer, Product Reviewer
Moderator at MobilitySite, GPS Tuner
Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices - Testing
1, 2, 3, 4 years ....

In the meantime, Remote Desktop Connection ain't so bad after all ...

Of course I look forward to RAdmin's DNS routing through a central server, but really, in the meantime, RDC with port forwarding via the router hasn't been a terrible solution.

Though I do miss RAdmin's console session.

Wonder if Vista is going to break these guys' last 4 years programming with its new kernel and video model. lol (?!) gasp.
I agree somehow with "corporate" emotion, although i'am not concerned about it:
I am a very tiny "professionnal", and thus the only client and server on both LANS, office and home, and i am not ashamed of "seeing myself".

But no one seemed to take the problem the other way around.

Let us imagine someone would like to connect to my home's PC, the one i am writing with, via Ramin:
No mattering the icon tray does or does not exist, my firewall would immediately either forbid the incoming connexion or ask for it.

I do not think any software editor should be held responsible of the fact that a lot of people are dumb enough to connect to the Web without an appropriate firewall.

Is is therefore an evidence that Radmin's Tray Icon doesn't have any reasonable utility:
that function belongs to the firewall, not to Radmin.

I'm using Viewer 3.0 and Server 2.1:
I can "tray-close" the viewer as i want, bu that doesn't matter because the viewing part is the "Administrator's Privilege".
I cannot close the Server on the remote side unless i know the command-line syntax for it or i have granted rights on that remote machine for "Ctrl-Alt-Del".

Viewer 3.0 seems to me a progress over 2.x, biut i don't see what is really better in Server 3.0 then in Server 2.X.
Just upgraded my xp pro to Vista and when I connect (to Vista) I see a little black window, about 1 inch by 1 inch, so apparently the mirror driver no longer works after upgrading. I was given a warning that Radmin would need to be upgraded as the current version was in the long list of incompatible items.
Hello there...

I've a solution on how to remove the tray icon. It's a small fake program for FamItrfc.exe.

You can download it on my page [URL=][/URL].

As the page is in german language, I'll give a short instruction to use the program.
  • Download the program and unpack it into a temporary folder. The download link is on the bottom of the page.
  • Stop the radmin server, e.g. via command line or the service applet.
  • Use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\rserver3 directory.
  • Rename the file FamItrfc.exe, e.g. to FamItrfc2.exe
  • Copy the FamItrfc.exe file from the temporary folder into the Radmin directory
  • Start the Radmin Service.

Please note: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
Schuhmann Daniel wrote:
I've a solution on how to remove the tray icon. It's a small fake program for FamItrfc.exe.
I downloaded this thing to see what it did. Very clever- it does nothing!

Well it does get rid of that stupid string of pop-ups you get from the real FamItrfc.exe on Win2k boxes during shutdown. :)
Schuhmann Daniel wrote:
I've a solution on how to remove the tray icon. It's a small fake program for FamItrfc.exe.

I downloaded Daniel's fake Famltrfc.exe and followed his instructions and it does exactly as he said it would.

No more tray icon on my XP tablet edition. Didn't try it on 2000 though.
Schuhmann Daniel wrote:
I've a solution on how to remove the tray icon. It's a small fake program for FamItrfc.exe.

Working on XP Professional.

A nice stop gap utility.


Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
Created: 07/17/2006 09:45:45

Thanks to all for this discussion and sharing your opinion. It's very important for us to have such feedback.

Basing on this we have decided to make the special build of Radmin3 with a "hide tray icon" option. It will be available for all registered users upon request.

We're not going to make these special builds for v3 betas but you can be sure to have it in the release version.

I hope it solves the problem.

Warm regards,

Where is the above link for download?

i am currently planning rollout of RADMIN 3.0 accross a number of sites.

Kind Regards
Timothy Tomasko
:!: Special build of Radmin 3.0 that allows to hide the tray icon of Radmin server is released. This build is available to every registered user on request. Please send your requests for the special build to
Well, thanks alot for hide tray icon feature!!!!!!!!
Almost immediately after the release of 3.0 the antivirus deleted all installs of radmin. Adding to the exceptions works until the next update. So now when I need to remotely support a pc, I first have to talk the user through re-installing radmin and adding it to the exceptions. Every time. how convenient.

I can't blame the antivirus, since the ability to hide the tray icon makes radmin a valid threat to network security. How can the AV find a modified spyware radmin instance with the icon hidden if radmin is excepted?????? Radmin is basically unusable in a corporate environment now. How is this supposed to survive a SOX audit??????? And you want $50 a seat for this????????

Thanks for caving to the four guys who demanded you add this feature. What good does it do to make us ask for it????? Anybody could get it.

You think maybe you could release instead a version of radmin 2.2 and radmin 3.0 that will not allow the tray icon to be hidden? and maybe make the executables and dll's different enough so the AV programs could tell them apart????
You know, a corporate grade remote control program that's actually worth the $50.

The other guys could continue to spy on their wives/girlfriends with the hacker/spyware version, while the rest of us manage networks(and manage our users).
i have a question.. please point out if i made any mistake.. i downloaded the radmin 3 server and viewer setups.. installed the server on my client pc and installed the viewer on my server pc.. i went to that site which daniel talked about....
downloaded the ,zip file...
extracted it...
stopped Radmin services on the client pc...
renamed the file.
copied the extracted file to the destination directory.
started the service again..
and rightly so.. no tray icon on the client pc... and r admin services are running..
now the problem which i am facing here is .. when i try to veiw the client screen from my server by running r viewer programe i enter username and password for the client pc... it connects and that little splashscreen appears which usually appears before the start of any session but it doesnt go further.... its like half hour now since i gave the password and still all i can see is the little splashscreen which usually comes before the start of a session..

when i reversed everything.. as in
stopped the r admin service..
deleted the file from r admin directory which i copied earlier..
renamed FamItrfc2.exe back to famItrfc.exe
started the service again
and tried to veiw the client pc from the server.. it worked as it usually does.. but i am stuck with the tray icon again.. its back in the tray.. :(
need advise..
Roman Makarov wrote:
I'm sorry I gave you wrong information.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.

Seriously, is this the last word on this subject? This was over a year ago.

It took my 10-year-old kid about 5 minutes to see the icon and disable Radmin. Please explain to me why restricting his ability to access Radmin is a security risk.

I am a security professional and the risk I see is that Radmin allows access to the program without a password.

carrie barrott wrote:
It took my 10-year-old kid about 5 minutes to see the icon and disable Radmin. Please explain to me why restricting his ability to access Radmin is a security risk.
Why do you let your 10 year old run as Admin??

Has anyone really tested this thing from a user or power user account? You get the right click menu, and can select "Settings for RAdmin Server" or "Stop Radmin," but these commands are silently ignored, probably because these users don't have the permission to stop the process or to change the registry keys.
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