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Beta becomes non-responsive, Beta 3.0 become non-responsive to remote access
Since switching to beta version 3.0 the application has become very unstable and will become unresponsive to any keyboard command. I kill the process at the viewer computer and log back in and the application works fine again. This happens 4-5 times within a one hour login session. :evil:
I have had the same problem multiple times. It seems like if I stop working for 30 seconds to 1 minute the program will become unresponsive like George said. It won't let me type or send any keys. I shut down the connection and reconnect and everything is fine. Until I let it go idle again. Hasn't really been a HUGE problem for me, but definitely an issue.
I have the issue even when I am actively working on the remote machine using the viewer software. For example. I am creating a PDF print file and during the process it asked for a file name for the PDF image. When I clicked on the name field, the area highlighted, but I could not enter or delete any characters. It would appear as if the cursor was moving, but no input was being recorded on the remote (server) machine.

I should add that I did not have this issue with the previous version of the software and I am performing my remote connection from the same locations.
Try please in this case minimize then maximize Remote Screen window. If it doesn't help pleas send us Radmin Server log file and completely affected pc description.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
I notice I have been able to get it to freeze up by moving the cursor quickly. When this occurs the server machine cursor can be seen following the cursor on viewer machine. When it fails, the cursor on the server remains in one location and does not return to the cursor location on the viewer. At this point the application is "frozen". I have attempted minimize and maximize the window without any luck.
I have switched back to version 2.2 and the system is working fine using the same connection. The log file simple show connections open/close.
<3828> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:26 ( connection closed
<1516> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:27 ( (gjbeaudin): Password is incorrect or error occurs
<1516> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:27 ( connection closed
<2768> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:27 Connection from ( (GJBeaudin): Remote Screen connection
<5464> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:33 ( connection closed
<4036> RServer3 2006.05.23 14:34 Connection from ( (GJBeaudin): Remote Screen
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