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The info I read says that multiuser switching in XP is supported.

Can I however log in to a 2003 box (or XP) as multiple users simultaneously. Each user would then have a different desktop - a bit like Terminal Services ???.

If so - what are the limits.

NB Been an avid user of 2.2 for many years now = great product !!.

Many Thanks

Radmin does support simultaneous sessions. You can establish multiple sessions from multiple clients to one server.
But you won't be able to log in to different users account. All users would share the same mouse, keyboard and desktop on a computer running Radmin Server.

Is there a limit of 3 simultaneous connections to a single server in v3.0b? If so, is this just a limitation of the beta version or will this also be the case in the final release?

When I attempt to connect from a 4th viewer, I receive the following message: NTAuth: Using user/password/domain from current user. The server does not allow more simultaneous connections of this type.

My experience with v2.2 is that there was no such obvious limit to simultaneous connections. This has been very useful for collaborative interaction on one host computer. I hope this capability will continue to be supported in the future.

A K wrote:
Is there a limit of 3 simultaneous connections to a single server in v3.0b? If so, is this just a limitation of the beta version or will this also be the case in the final release?

Yes, it is beta only limitation.

Svetlana Yastrebova wrote:
Yes, it is beta only limitation.

I have received an e-mail from Famatech technical support.
The letter says,
As for the number of viewers connected to the same host we plan to implement the following limitations (per connection mode):

Full Screen + View only - 3
Text Chat - 10
Voice Chat - 4
Redirect - 4
Other modes - no limitations .

I'm very disappointed to know that.
Why will you implement the limitations?

Thanks a lot.

I would be happier if you didn't have such arbitrary limitations as well or if you increased the limits substantially. I primarily used Radmin for collaborative control over one server, and the limitation of 3 is too few for my purposes.

We are running into this issue on a daily basis, where 3 users are already logged in and the 4th cannot. How much longer do we have to wait for a version without this limitation? If it's a beta-only limitation, I don't understand why it needs to be there at all.

It seems that there are no technical problems you should implement the limitation, because RADMIN2 doesn't have this limitation. Might the limitation be added because of issues in sales?
If maximum number of viewers connected to the same host is 30, I don’t mind paying more for license.

Could you tell me why you make RADMIN Viewer v3.0 free of charge?

I wish I would like to recommend following fee system and would like you not to implement the limitation of the number of viewers connected to the same host.

Single license of server: $XX
Single license of viewer: $YY
A pair of licenses of server and viewer: $ZZ
Volume licence: $DDD

When I use Radmin3 once, I cannot feel like no using other software.

I understood Why Radmin has limitation of viewer connected to the same server. For security.

However, Why is it only three?
At least five pleeeeeease!!!
I'm sure that Famatech can do it easily! smile8) smile8) smile8)

My best regards.
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