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3.0 Beta 2 "Bug", Window Focus by Mouse-Click Problems
With previous versions of Radmin, if one had a viewer window open that did not already have the focus, one could click anywhere within the viewer window to capture that focus and bring the viewer window to the front. Only after that point would tracking of the remote cursor tracking begin and would any additional mouse clicks start to be transmitted through to the server.

With this latest version of Radmin, that initial mouse click to gain the focus of the viewer window is also being transmitted through to the server. Depending on where the cursor was "left sitting" on that remote screen, that transmittal of the mouse click can be a problem. As a result, I have found that I now have constant problems with windows getting resized or closed, etc. when I simply try to establish the focus on the viewer.
This is a problem for us as well. When performing server maintainance, we click back and forth between Radmin and other programs and often, when I click on a Radmin screen, I end up highlighting a bunch of files.

The problem is worse with server 2.x and viewer 3.0b2 where it's easy to accidentally highlight files and move/copy them, when all I really wanted to do was scroll an explorer window.
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