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Simple request, Request for file transfer
I was transferring a few files today and the path name was pretty long. On the bottom of the transfer dialog, it shows the full path name of the file being transferred, however, because of the long path, I couldn't see which file I was on. It would be nice if you could make it so the middle portion was ...ed. For example,

C:\My Documents\...\MyFile1.txt

or, perhaps even just ...\MyFile1.txt

I'm loving 3.0 though!
Are you kidding! NOOOO! If truncation is needed the absolute minimum is:
C:\My Documents\...\directory below file\MyFile1.txt
if that is a issue hope radmin final will do this number
C:\my documents\dd\aa then next line make it down to the line maybe put some dots after aa but radmin should show the entire thing so radmin cant be blamed for lost files because C:\my..d..a would be way too short also if i accept a file or for help desks using radmin adding new files for upgrades to software would question creditbilty of help desk assistance
... or just show the full path\filename on mouseover.
My problem is with extremely large files, Radmin does not read them correctly. And what's the deal with no resume??? Radmins file transfer should work more like FTP.

And if I'm on wirelessly, and lose my connection, it should reconnect me as soon as it comes back up and continue the transfer.

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