Strange Radmin viewer 3b2 behaviour


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Strange Radmin viewer 3b2 behaviour
I tested a radmin 3 beta2(with illegal serial, of course) and damn thing: after I established a remote connection with an r3 sever almost all the other local windows except the radmin one seemed to 'forgot' that they have a title just not reacting upon clicking on it. The content still works. more specific Total commander(cracked of course) and Firefox(no need to mention legal status). I will keep testing because the strange behaviour seems to spread in time... today after doing some more tests my desktop stopped responding. Strange thing, no side effects when connecting to a r2 server.

Anyway, I don't know if somebody already described this, but i don't have the nerves to check all the forum pages. not diplomatic, i know, but sorry.

Hi Elena ;)
Illegal serial on beta 2? As far as I know.. beta 2 does not function beyond a limited time frame.. so there is no such thing as an illegal serial for beta2

Firefox is freeware..
There is a shareware version of Total Commander.
Why are you telling us you are using cracked versions? It almost seems like you are encouraging people to use cracked software. Whether the software is cracked or whether it was shoplifted out of a store doesn't really matter.

A useful test would be with Zone Alarm.
Hey at least Radu is honest unlike Famatech. ha ha ha
well ryan... you really seem unhappy with your life. + your knowledge in radmin serial numbering is almost 0(zero). I was mentioning all those legal stuff to make a clear image about what were the conditions in which the strange behaviour occurred. Or am i suppose to pay for everything just to do some tests? But if my experiments pushes you or some other guys on 'the darck side'... go on, try some illegal serials&crackz. But at least stop whyning about your miserable life without radmin 3.

to Mark - hey dude, it's my job to entertain :))). And some other thing: one way to look at what's happening to version 3 is tha famatech is lying about the releasing date. The other way is that they really are diplomatic about this issue. Alot of people are constantly blaming them for not releasing that version, so to avoid upseting them by simply saying 'We are not prepared yet and don't know exactly when that will happen' they chose to give people hope. Of course that might look bad when promisess are broken, but statistically is better than the first choice. Besides, don't forget that there is a tool available from famatech, which btw works perfectly for what it's suppose to do.

And just to clear things out: People, if you like the software that you use with illegal serials&crackz, and if you use it, please send money to the guys that made it or owns it. But feel no remorse to test it before. Ummm... so much more to say, so little space to do it...
ryan roberts wrote:
A useful test would be with Zone Alarm.

I don't use Zone Alarm... is there any problem when using Zone Alarm? Then again.... personal firewalls are well known to induce all kind of abnormal behavior in local apps.
Radu Mos wrote:
But at least stop whyning about your miserable life without radmin 3.

mkay ... scratch the above statement... ryan was not feeling miserable, he was just asking for the next release.
any program that can get by zone alarm can get by anything.

I don't recommend zone alarm though.. except for maybe occasional use. There is a huge price to pay in performance and usability when people run "security" software such as Zone Alarm.
Frankly, the protection software causes more problems than the problems the protection software is supposed to be protecting you from.

many protection programs don't actually do what they are supposed to.. but wind up interfering with your computer so much that it makes the operation of the entire computer a disaster to both the user and the "spy"

Norton security is kind of like chopping off one's arm to eliminate a broken fingernail.
well, the discussion is way off my topic, but imho it's cheaper to buy an external firewall(they come very cheap these days and are very reliable) and just stay away from dangerous and unreliable apps. Just like in sex. But usually if you find a way to lock your registry(with sec policy or 3rd software) anybody should be safe when rebooting. just don't press ok to all bulshhhit.
My suspicion is that rather than being dishonest, the programmer behind Radmin 3.0 is demoralized, thinking--even sometimes feeling certain--that things will take just a little time, but then getting creatively stuck at certain key and extremely difficult points in development/testing, and then just having to do other things for a while to regain sanity, after which the cycle repeats.
that sounds logic :)
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