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Suggestion, Toolbar
I don't know if anyone has suggested this but I feel it would add a lot of value and appeal to your program if you allowed the Toolbar that is in beta 3.0 to be removed or hidden when in full screen mode. Other then that a bringing local printers or drives to the remote machine would be nice also. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your interest and suggestions.
To hide toolbar you can clear 'Show toolbar' option.
Remote printing feature is in our wish list and there is strong possibility that they would be implemented in further versions.
Is "callback" implemented in the current v3.0 ?
rls wrote:
Is "callback" implemented in the current v3.0 ?
No, it is not.
Any plans for implementing "callback" soon?
ya i would love to use radmin everyday normal use but if u dont have access to the router to map it to your computer it makes it pointless for me to have radmin especially if im always on wireless with no way the owners going to give me access to wendys router to open a port to my pc I was holding out for that feature of call back because it was in the greyed out in the beta
rls wrote:
Any plans for implementing "callback" soon?
Yes, we plan to implement it in future.
Yes, we plan to implement it in future
How far into the future?
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