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transferring licenses, remote support question
If I am providing remote support for one customer at a time can I transfer the license over to each persons server (and delete the other server) as I provide that support.
The support provided is one-off and incidental/reactive.
Interesting.. situations like this is probably why Dameware licenses the administrator and not the remote user. So that as long as you have a local license, you can connect to a million end users w/o any fees.

Manipulating rAdmin licenses scheme to essentially do the same thing sound a little shady. Typically, with the rAdmin scheme.. you buy a license for a remote machine. It doesn't seem right to move that license to mulitple remote machines when the original one is still in service.

This is one of those 'slippery slope' situations. I'm interested to see how rAdmin responds.
No, the idea is moving the original license and deleting the old servers so that only one computer has the license at any one time.
This is also a problem for me. I would like to be able to purchase an unlimited helpdesk license. Untill then I just use the 30 day free trial! :D
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