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Impressions from a former RealVNC user, A few suggestions to improve usability
I was a diehard RealVNC fan before, but since I tried Radmin I really was impressed by its speed. But the thing is that in remoting, speed is not everything that counts. In terms of usability Radmin could take a few lessons from RealVNC. So here's my issues/suggestions so far:

1. No toolbar auto-hide. There is no auto-hide option for toolbar, which is very disturbing, since it covers upper portion of the screen and sometimes I can't reach some spots because of it. And I don't want to either have it or not have it, I want it to auto-hide
2. No "black remote screen when connected" option. There's no blank remote screen option while connected, which was veeery useful
3. No reconnect promt when disconnected. After a sudden disconnect, the radmin window simply dissapears, so I have to run it again, click on the server i want to connect to, enter password. This is kinda time-consuming. I want Radmin to show a reconnection promt after each disconnect
4. Radmin Viewer window doesn't minimize to tray after a connection took place. Can anyone explain me why do I have to minimize it manually every time?
5. No shared clipboard without a "press". I have to press buttons to copy from and to the buffer, it sucks. It would be nice to have ONE clipboard, so it I copy something in remote window, it would be accessible in local and vise versa. This should be available at least optionally.

It would be so great if those concerns would be addressed in future versions. So again, my point is that Radmin is lighting fast, no question here, but it could improve the usability a bit. Any chance those could be implemented? :)

P.S. It's a shame this forum doensn't have a SUGGESTIONS section. I found not other place to suggest stuff.
Edited: adamas - 26.11.2008 03:04:49
Radmin v3.4 (2-license pack)
Server: Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Backup: RealVNC v4.5.1
Client: Windows 7 Pro x64
I agree with these suggestions as well. They would be quite handy.

What I really hope for is just a registry editor.
That would be very useful.
Good points all.
+1 from me for the integrated copy/paste request.

Other remote facilities (e.g., RDP) have copy/paste well-integrated.

Also, I can copy/paste to/from a virtual machine.

I would like to be able to copy/paste to/from a remote computer via RAdmin.

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