Any Plans for a Windows Mobile/PocketPC Viewer?


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Any Plans for a Windows Mobile/PocketPC Viewer?
I was just wondering if there are any plans to make at least the Radmin Viewer available to Windows Mobile/PocketPC phones? I saw a post that stated it was being looked into awhile back but there have been no posts about it since.
I am waiting for it too, and I think a lot a people is waiting like us... With new data possibilities, pocket Pc users can become very valuable custumers for Famatech.

Me first, I'm ready to pay again for that feature !
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Up ! 8)
We are working on this version. But we won't release it soon.
Haven't seen much on this topic anymore, so I'll have to ask. Any progress on supporting Windows Mobile?

вопрос продолжаеться ))
I have been hoping for this myself, for the Android OS. Currently, from my Droid, I connect to my home computer with a third party app and then I connect to my employer, through my home pc with your desktop app. Very slow this way.
Most likely we will release iOS application first. ETA is not available yet.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PUT OUT AN IOS APP. It's the only reason why i don't use your platform exclusively. I paid $10 for the IOS client for Real VNC. I'd Gladly pay the same price for an IOS radmin client. I'd be your first customer.

Pay attention to the UI that RealVNC uses in terms of how you move the mouse in comparison to say the MochaSoft iteration. Real is much better due to having a fixed mouse cursor that you can move by placing your finger anywhere on the screen instead of trying to precision tap on tiny little boxes. This is a no brainer but it also has to be iPad native.

Sorry for the rant but a radmin ios app is long overdue. I know I'm not the only IT admin with an iPad that I prefer over my laptop for most support. Not to mention the builtin cisco VPN support. Its a great Road warrior tool. It would be even better with a radmin client. :|

I'm the second and want to Pay double for the IOS Viewer!


Anroy Vlug :D
I'll third it AND i'll triple it for an Android version!
Posted: 10/01/2010 "Most likely we will release iOS application first. ETA is not available yet."

It's been a while (over a year) any further information regarding this?

An IOS viewer would make life a lot easier.

I Can't wait, IOS is a good choice! when can we start beta testing?


Do you think that soon i will be able to control my computers at the datacenter from the windows mobile os. making life alot easier for any admin of a pc. I believe that it was once a thought for you famatech wiz's if im correct?

Im a nobody.. nobodys perfect.. therefore IM PERFECT!!!
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