Blanking server's screen


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Blanking server's screen
I am wondering if blanking server's screen feature is implemented in 3.4 version.

In an earlier post on this topis ( quite a while ago) referring to that and locking keyboard and mouse a tech support person mentioned "These features are not implemented yet. We plan to implement support of these features either in beta 2 or in full release of Radmin v3..."

It had been a good additional security feature because you never know who can be watching the far end server(s) monitor while doing secure work. So i'm also interested in that feature. I believe "LogmeIn" has a feature like that.

Anyone at Famatech support who can answer this?

Kind regards.
I'm not with Famatech support, but I can tell you that this feature has not yet been implemented as of v3.4. I believe it is supposed to be included in the feature set for v4.0, but don't quote me on that until Eugene (or another Famatech employee) confirms it.

:?: Any plans to ever support this useful feature :?:

I do not think turning off the monitor is a secure acceptable solution.
Hello. This feature will be implemented in future releases of Radmin software, but ETA is not available yet.

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