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Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
Had the white screen after closing the browser as mentioned above.
Wake on LAN / Magic Packet still not working, even though turned on in the BIOS.
Shutdown and Abort Shutdown only works on local PC running IP Scanner. Won't shutdown remote PCs.
Shutdown through RAdmin working properly.
Most RAdmin features seem to work properly, but yes, would be nice to know which PCs are running RAdmin Server 2.xx or above. Even if it's the default 4899 port, or you could tell IP Scanner which port(s) to search for RAdmin Servers.
Can't Telnet into remote RAdmin Servers.
Remote Windows 7 32bit showed computer name properly at first, then it would only show WORKGROUP after re-scanning. Changed the name on the PC, rebooted, re-scanned, and it showed up properly this time.
Just installed it and ran fine on XP 32 bits.

Just a few suggestions,
1- It would be nice to be able to export the results in csv format and be able to choose which colunm to export.
2- Add ssh to the available connect method.

Program install on Win 7 Pro. it seems to run fine, WOL works on all my networked computers.
Only comment so far is the GUI does not remember the column width settings
I installed the new beta version on a Windows 7 64 bit computer.
I also use the previous version of the IP Scanner.

Until now all works fine.
I got one Asus C90S laptop on Windows 7 32 to WOL from sleep mode only. Checked the BIOS to enable WOL, as well as Power Management tab in Device Manager/Network Adapter(s) on all PCs with various versions of Windows. Was monitoring port UDP/9 to listen for WOL magic packets, but it did not see any coming over the LAN. Dell Latitude D610 Win XP-Pro 32/SP3 won't WOL, Abit FPIN-9 Win 7/64 Ultimate wont WOL. My understanding of the magic packet is that it is a packet with six bytes of all "1"s, then the MAC Address repeated 16 times. Per Wikipedia: The magic packet is a broadcast frame containing anywhere within its payload 6 bytes of all ones (FF FF FF FF FF FF in hexadecimal), followed by sixteen repetitions of the target computer's 48-bit MAC address.
I downloaded a magic packet sender/listener, and tried sending it with that, and again, only the 1 laptop in sleep mode would WOL.
Greg Salyer wrote:
I loaded the new code on my Windows 7 system. Everything seemed to work ok. It would be nice if the installer created an icon on the desktop (perhaps asking first). I did a scan which found several other computers (I check later if it got them all). I noticed that by expanding the status field I could open windows explorer for the C drive on some computers but not all even though by directly running windows explorer (outside of the scanner) I could see the C drive.

I am having the same issue. I ran the scan several times and it was inconsistent. Sometime the status field for a computer had the expansion Triangle and the next time it would not. I could go to start run and \\computer name\c$\ and access them all but the program had less than half of them showing I could access the hidden shares.
I am running on win 7 64 bit in a 2003 AD single forest domain. 95 percent of Desktops are XP PRO SP2. Looks like the issue with the status expansion not working is mostly on desktop OS's. I will test further but server OS's seems to show all shares hidden or otherwise.
Edited: Stacey Cline - 28.10.2010 15:16:21
Stacey Cline
Installed without any issues.... Using WinXP Pro SP3

Didn't show name on router

Would like to see list of all IP's including DEAD ones

Would like to see a column indicating which computers have RADMIN server installed running and if there are any active connections also showing the IP connected to.

Wish there was a way to show wireless IP's attached to network like iPhone.. I know I can get this off my router table....

Would like to see what OS is being reported on the IP

Definitely needs to scan HTTPS

I agree with above that column width settings should be remembered.

Software looks great! I use the other version all the time... Looking forward to new one.
Installed without problems on XP SP3 on my home network.
Found all devices including TIVO, FIOS set top boxes, routers, Windows PCs, Linux PCs. Returned IP and MAC of powered down PCs.
Adding comments to favorites is a nice feature.
Will start testing in the lab at the office and report back later.
Thank your for your help!

I will collect all bug reports and requests from all forums at monday and will send current version for development. Upon implementing all that is needed we will put a new version here alongside with a change list.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
Installed and launched with no problems, running XP. Quickly found all my workstations and routers. Occasionally freezes for a few seconds during some operations, but releases itself so no real problem. Plenty of options for my (at this time simple) needs.
I agree with Robert that it would be nice to be able to have the column widths saved on exit. I have to re-adjust them every time I run the scanner.
After some further use, it does seem to be knocking out my DSL modem, requiring a restart.
Further to earlier report:

I too have noticed that in some sessions device or machine disconnects result in a whitescreen-hang for anything up to 60 seconds, depending on device.

1] on systems running a web server with either either a Windows hosts file alias on or else an alias in either host headers or vserver config [e.g. httpd.conf then the scanner can and usually does misreport the machine name as one of the "aliases" or host header names: in most instances machine name should match netbios name.

2] on devices such as routers, printers, wifi, switches, which DO have a netbios and/or fully qualified host name, the scanner is not reporting these netbios names at all.

3] Virtual machines running under either Virtual Server or Hyper-V do not appear to show their hostname or fully qualified domain name or [where relevant] their Netbios name. However a virtual's host machine does show correctly on its first [unshared] NIC.
ok second attempt...

I installed the program and noticed that there was no option to add an icon to the desktop, Simple to do but a nice choice anyway. The program seemed to run fine, except the I noticed that there is a need to remove the older version before the new one is installed. After running the program from the installation routine and exiting, I came back later and all the links that were on the system would only bring up the 1.5 version of the product.

I had to uninstall all of the versions and instal 2.0 again to make it work again. It would be nice for the program to remember the previous settings (i.e. ip ranges and column widths).

When I ran the program the first time it found lots of systems with expandable links and then I ran it later and only two systems were found with expandable links in the list. Noi changes were made to either the network, systems or settings.

I will try and reproduce this.
Okay tried it again... Every time I run a scan I come up with different results... Not too good!

I you want I can send a copy of the screens. Let me know
During beta testing, it would be nice to have a button that brings us to the Forum web page to post our findings.
System info:

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~1596 Mhz
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~1595 Mhz

Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection at 54Mbs transfer rate

Install was fine using the .msi.

- A scan log would be handy if we had an option to append to a file on every scan. Just because results are not always the same.

- somewhat slower than v1.5 and does not provide dead ip's.

- at least v2.0 picked up domain machines that were not associated to my workgroup.

I'm going to test this on a few Windows 7 64bit machines now.

Keep up the good work guys.
User interface.
The main display is tidy and seems to fit easily inside the dimentions of most monitors. I think it would be a nice touch to test the size of the screen and the size of the strings in the display fields and make them so that all of the data is visable.
It's just a little bit irritating that all the usefull data is clipped and I have to spend the first 30 seconds resizing all the columns.

Also- I would find it handy to be able to RightClick on an item (eg MAC address) and be able to copy that directly.
On a multi homed PC I expected to see all the subnets available to the scanner in the drop down box.

I would also expect to see each scan I do to appear (and be persistant) in a new Scan Tab.
Thank you very much for the feedback and detailed bug reports.
We'll publish next beta version of Advanced IP Scanner and continue beta testing.
While using I came across a few issues:
1. The IP address ranges doesn't appear to have a vaildity check.
2. There isn't a Class B or Class A subnet Button.
Installed on Windows 7 74 bit - runs fine. here's my feedback.

1. A bug I think - every IP address (including ones for which there is not a host) show that they are running HTTP. Clearly this is not true.

2. Possibly a bug, but if not then a suggestion: When I export the list as XML, the shares do not appear within the row item (pardon me if I do not use the correct XML terminology). For example, the saved list contains the following for a server with some shares:

<row ip="" status="1" name="John-S9" netbiosname="JOHN-S9" netbiosgroup="JOHN_T" mac="00:04:4B:18:10:45" has_http="1" has_ftp="0" comments="Hyper-V Server to host Virtual Machines"/>
<share name="ADMIN$"/>
<share name="C"/>
<share name="C$"/>
<share name="D"/>
<share name="D$"/>
<share name="F$"/>
<share name="IPC$"/>
<share name="OKI C3200n"/>
<share name="print$"/>

This representation does not record the shares as being contained on the server. the information should be shown as follows:

<row ip="" status="1" name="John-S9" netbiosname="JOHN-S9" netbiosgroup="JOHN_T" mac="00:04:4B:18:10:45" has_http="1" has_ftp="0">
<share name="ADMIN$"/>
<share name="C"/>
<share name="C$"/>
<share name="D"/>
<share name="D$"/>
<share name="F$"/>
<share name="IPC$"/>
<share name="OKI C3200n"/>
<share name="print$"/>

3. Also, the XML name "row" is not descriptive of the information contained. I would suggest "host" or something more associated with IP protocol.

4. I like the "Favorites tab function, but I have not used the previous version, so don't know what functions are new or revised.

5. The Help is too sketchy. It should explain more what it going on.
I Downloaded it.
It's works perfectly on my XP Sp3 and Win7 (32)
On my opinion it's very good.

no faults report- at the moment...

Best Regards
Installed on my Win 7 64 bit computer with no problems. It found all the devices on my LAN correctly. I like the ability to connect to a remote computer using Radmin (the computer I most often connect to often changes its IP address so this is an easy way to find it).
I installed the scanner. Untill now it works OK. The one thing I am missing now is that I am not able to import settings from the existing Radmin into th Radmin function within the scvanner, so I have to manually fill in the necessary details before I can control the remote computer.
Best regards,
Working well on my XP SP3 box. No problems whatsoever.

Helped me with configuration difficulties that arose trying to set up Hypoxia media player on my Blackberry to stream media from this box via TVersity media server.
I installed it and so far everything here seems to be working pretty well for me.

I do, however, have a suggestion. I think it would be very useful to have command line switches so it would be possible to schedule certain tasks with the task scheduler and/or batch file. For and example you could have it shut down all the computers in a saved XML file at one time.
I tried it at my university and it found about 256x256 IP addresses. The ones that I recognized were correct. It took a while (at least a couple of hours - I left it running when I left for the day and then checked on it from home using radmin).


P.S. The computer was running Win 7 x 64 ultimate.
Edited: F. James Rohlf - 04.11.2010 11:19:32
Looks good so far. I've tested scanning networks, accessing default shares, remote shutdown and wake-on-lan, adding to favorites, etc. Everything seems to work so far.

Not sure if possible, but it would be nice if it returned device type or device name for Cisco equipment that isn't in DNS.
Downloaded and installed with no issues at all program seems to run with no problems at moment will continue to use and report any issues if / when they arise.
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