Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010


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Tried is and it works great, but some issues. Why do I not see all the names form my devices. NetBIOS for sbs 2003 not there.
When will the updated version be available for download?
Still waiting for the next beta...
Installed and program hangs frequently during scans. Also, reports FTP on machines, but takes you to a HTTP session when double clicked....
Hi there,

I tested on a Win7 64bits.

What I've tested is:

1) Ip Rand adresse => ok

2) FTP access from a IP => ok

3)RAdmin option worked perfectly from a HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) mobile network

4) Subnets for this machine => oK

Would like to see a column indicating which computers have RADMIN server installed running and if there are any active connections also showing the IP connected to. => I agree with you. Il would be very nice.

Waht I sugget is may be to be able to scan the opened port for a given IP.
Installed on Server 2003 SP2 (Build 3790).

No issues here.

Found all the PCs, router, Tivo and Slingbox. Even reported the IP endpoint for my VPN.
Beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta is closed. We are grateful for your feedback. Active participants will receive Radmin licenses this week.

Next Beta will be published in December, 2010. :!:
Just installed Advanced IP scanner 2.0 beta.

Worked fine.

I would ask for 2 things.
A. A file "save as" option
B. A print function. When the folders are expanded, it would be nice to be able to print the results without doing a copy / paste into a word processor.

I only received the email for testing this morning. That was quick????

Oksana Parkhomchuk wrote:

Beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta is closed. We are grateful for your feedback. Active participants will receive Radmin licenses this week.

Next Beta will be published in December, 2010. :!:
Downloaded and tested V2 Beta 2.
Windows 7-64
Installed fine and ran OK when I started it.
The line with the IP address ranges was very confusing since I had my VPN running and had multiple IP adresses. that needs to be cleaned up so it isn't confusing.

Scan ran and resolved the names of local computers incorrectly. I suspect it used the DNS server to pull the IP of the last few users who had connected with those IP's (
It also missed one print server on my subnet. - very disappointing.

I reran the scan and it found the printer the second time, but I shouldn't have to know everything on the network to use the product.
I submitted more thorough results via email.
I installed the beta version of advanced IP Scanner. I really like the look of the program, I have never used the old version, so I don't if it is the same, but the GUI, the look and fell is great.

It seems to work well, I didn't detect any issues, I tried the shutdown and some other options. It found all the computers on my network just fine too.
works perfect, finds everything in the network (including router, ip phone and printer), i like the direct connect to the shares and http config pages of the devices. cool is the listing of the mac adress and wol!!
would be nice to autodetect the radmin port on my servers as i use different ones to 4899, i tried the different ports i use in the settings but the correct server port was not found when i tried direct radmin access over the server-icon in the scan list.

i found some old shares i had on one pc, if you have the list view in win7, you don´s see the sharing "hand" anymore, so it´s a real good feature to see even hidden shares on the pcs :-)

would be nice to add dns names in favorites instead of ip / mac WITH the radmin port and WITH the actual state of the server.

would be nice to load my radmin phone book into the scanner favourites or to have the phonebook as folder like "scan" and "favorites".

see ya

I loaded the new scanner on multiple systems and multiple OS platforms. My only suggeston is to provide a feature to print a report of the scanned network.
I have given it another go today. All do the tool is given me lot's of info, but still no naming for some devices. The router has no name. The server seems to have a name now. Why is this happening. Is this random or is the a sort of security from the devices? I don't rmember having set some cloacking for any of my devices not revealing there names.
I have installed the new Beta Version and I have tested it a few hours.
I haven´t found any bug.

But I miss one thing.
I think it would be great if I could see, on which PCs the Radmin Server is active.

Anyway it´s a great Tool!
I have several different types of devices on my network.
servers, netbooks, smart phones, Blu-Ray players, WAPs, Dish Network Receivers, Wii Game console, IPod, laptops and a printer.
I'm hooking up an AV Receiver later this week so will retest after that.

IP Scanner found them all, but for the non computer devices there was nothing in the name column.
It would be nice if there was a feature where I could edit by MAC address to give the device a name. In the favorites tab I can add a note but that doesn't carry over to the Scan tab. Have IP Scanner use my edited name for the devices.

I do like the scanner as a way to check my network for used IPs. Helps when adding new devices to know which IPs are not in use.
I tested the Beta2.0 version. All options seemed to work fine. All computers within the network were visible with all there details.
Well done!
Im testing this Bata2 on my Windows 7 X64

but program hang after scan
here are screen shots

Edited: polppol polppol 12/22/2010 08:38:20
First impressions are positive.

A few points I think would make this great product even better.

1. The ability to print the results list.

2. The ability to enter a range of ports for a Radmin server scan. I have several Radmin servers on a remote sites and the option for 4 ports isn't enough.

3. Should the print feature be added, it would also be nice to be able to edit names (or add missing names) in the list.
Installed on Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

I'm a new user of the application but i particularly love that i can browse to a specific folder on a machine directly from the scan results .

I'm not having any problems with the application so far.
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