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I'm inside a local network and can only connect to the net using proxy. In Radmin 2.1 I used the "Connect through host" feature which is missing here. I now cannot use this one :(
[QUOTE] :cry: :evil:
Note, that you can easily configure "port forwarding" on intermediate computer for same effect. I will consult our marketing department and try to write you why "connect through" feature was not enabled in this beta version release.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
thanks for your quick response - I hope this beta version will have its builds replaced on the server every week...
heh, iam forced to use v2.1 instead v3 because of this feature doesn't exist. :cry: :cry: :cry:
port forwarding is not suitable for me..

connect through host - its my favorite feature. very very usefull for me, saves a lots of my time
Can you please describe the situation where "port forwaring" is not acceptable, but "connect through" is acceptable? It's very strange for me to hear that such situation really exists.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
Hi - I agree this is a huge missing feature. 'Connect through' allows just one machine (the 'gateway') to be exposed by port forwarding, so that any number of LAN radmin clients can be reached via the single 'gateway' machine. If this feature is not available it will be a major problem and result in loss of sales - for sure.

Matt Day
'Connect through' allows just one machine (the 'gateway') to be exposed by port forwarding, so that any number of LAN radmin clients can be reached via the single 'gateway' machine

This is possible with port forwarding as well.

The solution is to configure firewall to forward connections on port 4899 to computer, connections on port 4898 to computer, connections on port 4897 to computer, etc (ports and IP's are only an examples). Now you can run Radmin Viewer outside that NATed LAN and connect to firewall/router using different ports to be forwarded to different Radmin Servers inside LAN.

Let me know if I can be of any other assistance with Famatech products.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Hi we will have a similar problem with Radmin.

We have about 14 seperate networks across our lan, and are using a hub and spoke method for communication. Basically, two networks have access to the entire network, and all other networks have access to only two other networks. For example:

Pretend we have our two data centers in Chicago and New York. We have 12 other branch offices in let's say, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Detroit, etc...

Those branch offices only have access to Chicago and New York setup because it is cheaper for us to route to only those two networks.

If we have a support person in Detroit, and they need to support somebody in Miami or San Francisco, then they use the feature of the "connect through" host. This cannot be solved by port forwarding. Please advise on new procedures. Thank you!
The next advantage of "connect through host" was it's simplicity... No need to build long routing tables, what is really a problem in complex systems (time, errors - thus need of internal support).
We use 'connect through host' extensively.

Indeed it was this feature alone that made us choose the purchase of Radmin 2 over comparable products.

Port forwarding on a router to 100 separate IP addresses is not acceptable!!! :(

Losing this feature would result in us not being able to upgrade - a great disappointment.
I can only agree that the "connect through host" was a great feature. I'm in the same situation as r ali and it always takes ages to get the routing done and with every route the complexity increases. We have over 50 offices worldwide and we are trying to have the number of routes as low as possible. I have to agree with Phil Blythe that losing this function means no upgrade.
Radmin "Connect Through Host" is a must have feature. Many Routers/Firewalls "limit" the number of port forwards one can establish.

Thus, this limitation of a Router/Firewall capabilities will limit the number of potential RAdmin clients at a site - resulting in lost sales.

Convincing Customers/Prospects to purchase and install remote access software is hard enough - without trying to sell them on a new Router/Firewall. :!:
Losing this feature would result in us not being able to upgrade - a great disappointment.

RCS is not a replacement for Radmin 3.0, RCS is an another product!

Please read this forum topic:

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Connect through host was the best feature of RAdmin. This feature doesn't have neither VNC nor other similar programs. I think, this feature is a must. And don't tell me about the other alternatives like port maping. Of course, I know it well and I use it for Remote Desktop Connection and so on, but you know, Connect through host is much convenient and in some cases there is no other ways to achieve the same. A lot of people will think about another competitive products and you will lose a lot of customers without this feature.
I have to agree with all of the above. We use Connect through host to get to machines on other networks what do not point back to the normal gateway hence bouncing off another host that does. Port forwarding as you have outlined in NOT a replacement for a great internal product feature.

You can complain all you want that RCS is a 'diffrent product' and not an upgrade, but the truth is many people WILL see it as potential upgrade path and will regard Connect through host as a missing feature, no matter what you say. You can add me to the "No Upgrade for me" list becuase it won't touch it with that feature missing.
I'm pretty sure RAdmin 3.0 will have port forwarding just like Radmin 2.x. The product you are all talking about is a separate product, NOT Radmin 3.0.
- Eric, [URL=][/URL]
Our developers beleive that including Redirect mode into RCS (and "connect through host" into RCC) will compromise security, since Redirect mode can redirect any type of Radmin traffic (including Full Control), so it would be possible to connect to any Radmin Server inside LAN through RCS.

There are several workarounds for this limitation:

1. Install RCS on a server that does have a real IP address.

2. If this is not a option, you can use port forwarding to forward all traffic on port 4897 from router to the server running RCS

3. If port forwarding is not a option, you can use Radmin Server to forward RCS traffic. In other words, you can connect to RCS through Radmin Server (which does support "connect through host").

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Eric Carlson!

You are right - Radmin Server 3.0 will support "connect through host".

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
It's just ridiculous to remove a feature that works that good. This is actually not a nice to have feature, it's a reason to buy the software and choose it over VNC or anything else.
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