Feature req: a different screen grabbing scheme


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Feature req: a different screen grabbing scheme, relying on rectangular areas, not whole rows
Currently, RAdmin seems to always transmit full rows for every screen update - so when something horizontal moves, just that section is transmitted, but when something vertical changes, the whole screen has to be repainted. On very slow connections, this costs very valuable time.

Would it be possible to implement a rectangle-based screen change detection system? One that would be based on rectangular areas, as small as possible, encompassing the changed part of the screen?

Additionally, but perhaps too idealistically, could the screen zones perhaps be transmitted in interlaced form? So that quick changes across the whole screen would be first visible as large 4x4 pixel blocks, and then slowly get clarified as no further action is taken?

Both these features would do a tremendous job over very slow or heavily occupied connections.
It is still running smoothly on my end, though I get a few problems every once in a while.
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