cant connect to server with XP pro but can with XP home all same router


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cant connect to server with XP pro but can with XP home all same router
Server Radmin 3.4
1 user on xp pro pc behind router using port forwarding.
been using this for about 3-4 years now.

Viewer - Radmin 3.4
3 computers which i tried (C1, C2, C3)
i tried installed version & run from disk version.
All 3 computers are using the same internet location connected to the same router.
all are set up with the same details in radmin

C1 - Win XP Pro connected via Wire - Kaspersky internet
C2- WinXP PRO connected via Wire - AVG
C3 - Win XP HOME - connected via Wire or Wireless (AVG personal edition)

with C3 i can connect to the server normally when click to make the connection a screen pops up allowing me to enter my username and password and then it connects.

problem is with C1&C2 i can not connect to the server. when i click to make a connection a screen pops up saying it is connecting to server but never prompts me to enter a username or password. it then times out and indicates that it is unable to connect with server.

any help appreciated.
software firewall? Have you checked to see if Windows firewall is turned on? If so, turn it off to test.

If Kaspersky is "Internet Suite" then it's firewall will be blocking Radmin.
Do you have a port forward set up for each individual machine?

My initial thoughts would also be firewalls enabled on the machines you are trying to connect to. Windows firewall, or firewalls from your AV programs. make sure those are turned off, or that they have the correct port opened for Radmin to use.
Thanks for the replies.
please note.
i can access the server computer via 'C3'. therefore, my thought is that my server computer has the router, firewall and anti virus program set up properly. otherwise i would not be able to access it with any computer.

However, if you mean that i have to modify my settings in my viewer computers then please enlighten me as this is new to me.

please let me know if you were referring to changing my settings on the viewer or server computer.

Edited: iew wei - 03.03.2010 12:48:57
BY me the IDIOT.
when all else fails, make sure you have the correct IP address.
i had entered the correct IP address into C3 b/c it was beside the server computer one day. then i wrote down the IP address on a piece of paper (1 number was wrong but in a spot that made it look OK) and so when i tried to login it would not let me.

by chance today i had computers C2 & C3 side by side and i noticed the numbers were different. changed the numbers and guess what, welll dah. it works.

sorry about this post.

my bad.

now if you would have told me to check my IP address i would have probably snickered and not checked anyway.

if you have the ability you can delete this entire post as it is of no help or benefit to anyone.
This topic seems to be useful.
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