Problem connecting through router


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Problem connecting through router
Hi. I hope someone can assist with my problem. I've read as many FAQs as I can but can't find a step-by-step guide.

Radmin server is installed on my PC at work (my own business so no IT Departments etc. involved). The address of the PC is

I have a Belkin F5D7634-4 Wireless modem/router. This router supports dynamic DNS so I've set up a domain address on and told the router that this exists.

I've created a virtual server port for RAdmin on the router to allow traffic through on port 4899 and I've set up with port 4899 as the forwarded port address.

On my laptop at home, I've created a record in RAdmin viewer which uses the virtual domain address that I've set up in But every time I try to connect I get a Cannot Connect To Remote Server error.

Would appreciate any advice about what I'm doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance

Can you telnet through this port forward? Also could help you to correctly set port forward.
Hi Eugene. What address would I use to telnet to? Also, my copy of Vista doesn't appear to have Telnet installed.

I did check out the portforward web site but it seemed to be trying to sell me some software called pfconfig rather than setting up port forwarding. I really don't want to start spending money on bits and pieces of software to try and get RAdmin working. Instead of this I'd rather just stump up money for a license to something like GoToMyPc which I trialled recently. It worked without any problems. But I wanted to give RAdmin a try because during a career in IT spanning the last 20+ years I used RAdmin extensively and found it to be really good. But we had a large corporate configuration with most access being across our private LANs and WANs so didn't have these issues with access across the web.
1) Please, read what port forwarding is here:

After that, visit this page, find you router model and follow the onpage instructions:

(ignore any ads, you don't need them)

2) Telnet the IP you connect by Radmin to (your external IP address of router).

If your router has a.b.c.d external IP and has a port forward rule: 4899->a1.b1.c1.d1 internal IP (at example) then from outside you should connect by Radmin / telnet to a.b.c.d. 4899
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