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Intel AMT problem, does not execute the commands
I'm trying the program Radmin v3.4 everything works but not the Intel AMT option I opened the doors of the router but does not work there any setting to set? I'm using the operating system Microsoft Windows 7

Can you connect via standard Intel AMT utility? Does your AMT (at motherboard) set up properly?
mmm not know that I had to configure my motherboard and I am aware that I enable Wake On WAN not find in the options. The motherboard is ASUS P5E supports it?
ok I managed to set the motherboard Asus P5E I configured the router's port 4899 in TCP and UDP I Radmin is configured as ip and public ip as that is the main I think he has done everything but when I go to switch on or switch intel amt other option leaves the dialog box can not connect to remote computer something wrong?
Intel AMT is a hardware-supported feature, if you are unsure about your motherboard, please contact Intel directly, they have a full list of AMT-supporting motherboards.

If you don't see AMT menu in your BIOS, probably your motherboard doesn't support it.
thanks for your support you were very kind to the question now contact intel amt
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