WebEx Control Panel Not Available in RAdmin


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WebEx Control Panel Not Available in RAdmin, Cannot access or view WebEx Control Panel with RAdmin
Some of our vendors use WebEx as the remote support tool. When you open the WebEx page (such as you put in your name, session number, password etc. and connect. You then need to share the desktop with the WebEx remote viewer. There is a small control panel applet for WebEx that hovers down in the bottom right corner of the desktop that allows you to "allow remote control", "record session", etc. You pick what is needed (e.g. allow remote control).

When using RAdmin this control panel is NOT visible even though it IS. If you view the computer from the locally attached screen you can see the applet running and access it with attached the keyboard and mouse so the applet runs properly. How do you adjust RAdmin such that you can view this program? All other functions (web page, desktop, running applications, etc.) are available so it is NOT general problem with RAdmin; this is something specific when using WebEx.
Edited: Tim Naami - 22.09.2010 13:55:00

Try to disable hardware acceleration (server side) and check if issue persists. Personalize -> video settings -> troubleshooting -> hardware acceleration.
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