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Java apps don't work?, Some reason when veiwing a java app with remote veiwer the apps frame is blank.
Hi, I noticed that when I run java apps on the server machine and remote view them the frame is empty and bugged. Kind of the same thing going on when running a Netflix movie on the host machine. The window is there but I get a bunch of repeated pixels inside the frame.

The only way I can fix this is to run the java program as a console app. I can run those fine.

Also why can I watch youtube videos fine but not Netflix. My purpose is not to actually watch movies via the remote viewer but to access the controls of the Netflix movie player from the remote machine.

Thanks for your help!

Please either run java with a key: -Dsun.java2d.d3d.=false

More details are available here:

Or reduce/disable harware acceleration and overlay in your video adapter settings -> troubleshooting

Hardware acceleration disabling also should fix issue with our player.
This fix helps on older version. Cheers!
Edited: celavey - 28.10.2012 22:58:26
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