Cannot connect using ATT 2-wire Gateway Router


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Cannot connect using ATT 2-wire Gateway Router, POrt Fprwarding Problem
Hi all:

I am using Radmin 2.2 server on my home computer and Radmin viewer on my office desktop on a windows XP (Sp3) operating system.

I am unable to connect... the message reads "cannot connect to the server" The ATT 2-wire Router is supposed to have a static Public IP address and a firewall. I have accessed the firewall settings and inputed the following settings:

Protocol: TCP
Port (or Range): From: 4899 To: 4899
Protocol Timeout (seconds):TCP default 86400
Map to Host Port: 4899 (Default = the same port as defined above.

I am still unable to connect. I called ATT and they are not much of a help. They are saying that I need to subscribe to a static IP address with them.

Does any one have any suggestions?
It sounds like you don't have a static IP address which isn't uncommon. To keep from having to pay for one you could use a service like No-IP. There you set up your computer so No-IP tracks theIP address. Not sure how this will work with Radmin so maybe it would be wise to check with your ISP about getting a static IP address. I'm not familiar with Radmin yet but from your message it sounds like you are setup to connect to the home computer from work so the home computer is the one that needs the static IP.
Any additional information with regards to working with No-IP and Radmin?
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