Can't ALT+ENTER Dos app with 3.4 on Server 2008


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Can't ALT+ENTER Dos app with 3.4 on Server 2008
I just deployed a new server running Windows Server 2008 Standard 32bit because we still require an old DOS application. With our other Windows 2000 server running v2.2 when we connect and get the black screen when the DOS app is fullscreen we just press ALT+ENTER to put the DOS app into window mode. This does not work with 3.4 on Server 2008 when the DOS app is full screen. When I try to connect after I enter the username/password I get the icon in the middle of the screen showing it is trying to load the screen but it just sticks on that icon. You cannot press ALT-ENTER at this point either to put the DOS app into window mode. If the DOS app is not running or not in fullscreen mode then v3.4 connects properly and displays the screen.

Any workaround for this as 99% of the time the DOS application will be running full screen on that server.

Fullscreen DOS applications are not supported by Radmin, there is no workaround :(
I realize that full screen dos apps are not supported by radmin but I was hoping to at least be able to ALT-ENTER so I could see the desktop. Is there any chance of this working - maybe a video card drive issue?

What about v2.2, would I be able to run that under Windows 2008 Server?
I suppose you can connect in command line mode and start any application which reverts PC from full-screen DOS mode to a normal one. It greatly depends on your DOS application, but even starting video could help.
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