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Change Admin Rights on existing deployment, How do you alter the admin rights to remote control on machines you've already deployed to?
Radmin 3.x Server installed via Group Policy on several hundred machines.

Wish to add a new security group as having admin rights to remote control PCs on the machines which already have Radmin installed.

We are using NT Authentication to control who can Radmin into a machine.
We hired some Interns and want to allow them to Radmin into workstations.

How do we update the Radmin installs on each workstation with the name of the new security group.

We don't want to add the interns into the same security group which the rest of IT is part of, this would grant them too many privledges.

Do we have to re-deploy Radmin on every machine?
Is there a registry value we can change whcih will add a group to the Security permissions?
Yes, you can take any PC, add your new group to Windows NT security rights in Radmin then take security registry key and copy it to all PCs.
There are no limits on how many PC's you can use, right?
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