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All windows jump to one screen, When making a connection, all open windows move to one screen
We use Remote Administrator for about 100 clients all over the world.
Now we have a problem with one of them. He has a pc with 2 screens, our software is used on both screen. The resolution is 1280*1024 on both screens.

When we create a connection with Radmin 3.4 to his pc, all open windows move to the first screen.
We can only see one screen remotely.
When we disconnect, he has to place all windows back to where they belong.
It's starting to annoy him :oops:

The rest of the pc's are just fine, and we can see 2 screens and all windows stay where they are.

Is this a setting in the server?

Please help!

Please check that he uses Radmin server v3.x
He is using Radmin server 3.4 and we use radmin viewer 3.4.
What happens when you click "view entire desktop" in Radmin viewer?
Is there a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the same issue connecting to Win 7 Ent (4 Monitors) running Radmin Server 3.4 from Win 7 Ent Radmin Viewer 3.4. Seems to only happen on one of our systems, with 4 other machines the exact same setup do not experience the problem.
Please install v3.5
Do you have release notes for 3.5 I was unable to find them on the website.
There is no drawbacks and your license will suit it.
Thats fine, my company still requires documentation for changes/upgrades to a program. Things like security, bug and feature improvements. Can you please provide a link to the release notes for 3.5 Thanks.
There is some info. It looks like we do not actually have changelog on our website.
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