Changing windows password


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Changing windows password

Here's a situation:

- Connect to a remote PC using windows domain credentials.
- Upon logon to the remote PC's Windows, you are informed that the password will expire and you are asked to change it.
- After changing the password, try to open a file transfer connection by clicking on the file transfer icon in the current window's toolbar. You are informed that the password is incorrect.

RAdmin probably stores in memory the password used to connect to the remote PC and reuses it when needed, so in that case it is logical to fail.

IMO if the connection fails due to invalid password, the user should simply be asked again to enter his credentials and store the new user/password/domain in memory. As things are now, you have to close the connection, reopen it and then use file transfer from the toolbar. Of course initiating file transfer through the main RAdmin window works fine.

It may sound too much to ask for but in case of slow connections, it saves some time.
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In my view, these issues arise due to the wrong installed version of windows. Download windows 10 on your system and then repeat the whole process. If still, it doesn't work then contact windows 10 get help or visit [URL=][/URL] They have the best team who can troubleshoot the issues.
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