Remote Desktop Will Not Display on Windows 7 Pro


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Remote Desktop Will Not Display on Windows 7 Pro
I've done installs of Radmin 3.5 on machines running Windows 7 Pro and not had any trouble at all.

One of these machines, which had been working fine, suffered a hard drive crash yesterday. I ended up replacing the hard drive and re-installing everything, including Radmin.

Now, I can connect and transfer files, and I can connect in Terminal Mode (CMD prompt), but the remote computer's screen will not display, either in Full Control or View mode.

I have no idea what to look for. Suggestions please?

John Rayfield, Jr.
I have almost the same problem. When I try to connect I get the little blue icon and every thing stops there. The server shows that the connection is there, but the local computer never fully connects, and the screen does not show up on the local machine. This is the 5th install for us and the other 4 worked perfect.
I did get this problem resolved. I had some problems when trying to do some updates to Windows 7 Pro on this one machine. Some files ended up getting corrupted. I did are-install of Windows 7 Pro (I didn't reformat the drive, just did a re-install). This fixed most of the problems, but still had the problem with Radmin. I then re-installed Radmin (didn't uninstall it, but just re-installed on top of the existing installation). This fixed the Radmin problem. Everything works good now.

John Rayfield, Jr.
Rayfield Communications

Usually such issues can be fixed by:
1) uninstall Radmin, reboot,
2) make sure that all remote controls including RDP and terminal sessions are disabled, 3) reinstall Radmin and reboot again.
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