Cannot Start RAdmin Server Service - Problem with ESET NOD32?


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Cannot Start RAdmin Server Service - Problem with ESET NOD32?, ESET NOD32 took out RAdmin Server, restored from Quarantine, but still won't run
Windows 7 Pro, SP1, 4GB RAM
rserver.exe version

Some time after setting up 4 PCs (identical hardware and basic software, including RAdmin and ESET NOD32 A/V), we had a problem with ESET blocking RAdmin on ONE of the PCs. I thought I took care of it in the ESET settings, but then I had a problem again. It appeared the service was not running, so I had the gal on-site go tot he Start menu, All Programs, Radmin Server 3, Start Radmin Server. I still could not connect, so asked her to try it again, but the menu item for Start Radmin Server was gone.

Checked the Recycle Bin (you never know), and checked the ESET Quarantine. The rserver3.exe was in the Quarantine, so I had her right-click & sel ect "Restore and exclude fr om scanning." Then I had her create a shortcut on the Desktop to match the Start Menu item, but double-clicking the new shortcut only yields the message "Cannot start Radmin Server Service."

(Rebooting did not help.)

Help please?
Edited: chris84 - 18.11.2013 15:56:18 (clarification - only affects 1 of the 4 PCs)

Please check that your database signatures are 8862 or later. If so, please uninstall Radmin, reboot, reinstall Radmin and reboot again.
I do not know where the database signatures are, but I was indeed able to solve the problem by uninstalling & reinstalling (with reboots). Hopefully ESET will not give me a problem again :)

Thank you very much!
Edited: chris84 - 19.11.2013 14:44:31 (update response)

I suppose they should be displayed in ESET NOD.
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