Launching Multiple Viewer Windows on the Same Computer


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Launching Multiple Viewer Windows on the Same Computer
Hi. I have a relatively complicated problem I hope you can give me the answer to.

We are an organization delivering virtual training. We are considering using Radmin to have students log in to lab computers - I'm testing this solution before we purchase licenses. My goal is to have a student login trigger a Viewer window to launch on an Instructor machine.

Each lab machine has Radmin Server installed. When a student logs in, I use a utility called PSexec ( to launch Viewer on the Instructor machine. A shortcut is in the Startup folder on the lab machine. The shortcut points to the PSexec executable. PSexec then logs into the Instructor machine, starts a Viewer session that connects back to the Student machine.

My problem is this: I can get this configuration to work with one lab computer, but not another. On the machine where it is NOT working, the command line says it launched Viewer, but no window appears on the Instructor machine. However, when I look at the Task Manager on the Instructor machine, a new Radmin process appears (Session ID 0), and Radmin Server on the lab machine lists a connection.

Where is my Viewer window?? My Instructor machine has only one monitor, so that's not an issue.

I can provide more details if necessary.
Black magic. Please submit a tech support ticket, I'll need to do some exorcism.
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