Radmin 3.4 - This type of connection is disabled on the server


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Radmin 3.4 - This type of connection is disabled on the server
Hi guys.
I've been using Radmin for many years now and never had any problems with it.
But a couple days ago i decided to upgrade my HTPC fr om Win7 Home to Win7 Ultimate.

So i formated my hdd as usual and did a clean installation of Windows.
The Radmin installation went well to so no problems there.

But now when i try to connect to the HTPC i only recieve
*Connecting to xxx
*Server version is 3
*Connecting to xxx
*Radmin Authentication v3: Using entered username/password
*This type of connection is disabled on the server

I get the notice wh ere i type my username and password, so i know that the machine is answer.
I've even tried to reinstall Radmin, both viewer and server.

Radmin server settings -> check list of disabled connection types.
hi, on new user I get the same error: This type of connection is disabled on the server

The thing is, when i press on the lightning to connect to new computer, i can connect with no problem, but when i click on the shortcut created by previous session above, i get this error message.

creating shortcut with the + : also get same error

tested connection to 3 computers, same issue, first time ok, second onward fail.
I had this error today and it turned out to be because I was in Chat Mode, not Full Control mode.

In Radmin viewer, click Mode on the menu and change to Full Control.

Somehow I had clicked on the chat button and it had changed my default action for when I double-click a phonebook entry.
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