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Do The Sales Team Exist, Do The Sales Team Exist
Hello Forum,

wondering if anyone can Help out

Is RAdmin Still Around ??

I'm interested in spending over a grand, I have 2 phone calls, and 2 emails into Sales with ZERO Response from them in a week in a half.

I would expect a company (sales team) to at least respond to a possible customer specially if your talking that amount of money, its not like it's software off the APP Store for 15 Bucks.

Guess I'm a little frustrated from not hearing from them yet.
Any help from the forum would be a big help. Are they normally this slow on responding to a possible Sale ? Do I have the wrong Phone number on there Website? Do I have the wrong Email address that's on there Website???

HELP !! ??

Please provide your email. I will personally execute unlucky salesmen.
Eugene, thanks for reply. What is the best way to get my email address direct to you ??? so you can help. AGAIN I put in another phone call TODAY and YESTERDAY to the Sales Dept with APSOLUTELY NO Response from them AGAIN !
That's 5 Phone Calls, 2 Emails over a week and a half with No Response from them at All. I Don't get it, being in this field for 22 years now. Do they Want to Sell there Product ??? Better Question I'm starting to wonder, Do I want to spend over a $1000 Dollars and possibly be stuck if I ever had to contact this company !

Sorry very frustrated, Please help with advice.
Thank You.

You can just send me a direct email:

BTW it looks like you have encountered a technical issues, our sales dept is really lightning fast. They are getting money for that!
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