Radmin keeps disconnecting


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Radmin keeps disconnecting
I have been using Radmin since 2004 and I love the product but I have had nothing but problems with it the last couple years since switching (finally) to Windows 7 and Radmin 3.5

I can't keep a connection for more than a few minutes, the Radmin server keeps disconnecting. It also seems that I can cause the connection to stop working sooner by using Outlook 2007 on the server or typing anything on the server.

For many years I was using XP and version 2.2 between my house and my office computer and it was always rock solid with never any connection problems but as soon as I changed both systems to Windows 7 64bit and Radmin 3.5, Radmin has become almost unusable.

For the last couple years I have mainly been using teamviewer and recently have been using ultra vnc and never had disconnection problems. That leads me to believe it's not a problem with my computers or internet connection or router. I'm also using the same modems and routers I had with XP.

I have been meaning to ask for support for a couple years but I'm finally fed up with cloud connections like teamviewer and weak passwords and security with VNC.

I want my Radmin working again.
Thank you very much in advance for any help or suggestions anyone can give me.


For this matter please submit a ticket here -

I waited 7 months to be told to submit a ticket?
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