black screen after login win10 raedmin 3.5


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black screen after login win10 raedmin 3.5
I have radmin on 3 remote computers. Two of them works perfectly find but 1 of them have this issue non stop.
Right after restart or tuning on that computer works fine, radmin connects, image all is tehre all rine.
If I disconnect and try to connect later I only get black screen.
I do get black screen from other two from time to time but usually sending ctrl alt delete brings image on, but on this comp that doesn't help.
Only think I can do is to remote reset computer and wake till it is back online which is not really solution.
Any ideas?
Yes , I see this problem often too with windows 10.
Loading the radmin mirror driver at startup seems to prevent the issue?

Try this on the server side:
Radmin Server Options > Miscellaneous > Load Mirror Driver on startup.

This option is only available in the latest 3.5 version.

Shame the development of this program seems to have come to a halt?
It is fixed in Radmin 3.5.2.
It is not fixed with 3.5.2 I am still getting black screen when logged in the user server side shows my mouse moving around on that screen but I cannot view anything on it.
Edited: jkonkal - 12.12.2017 11:56:26 (need to add more info)
Sorry for that.
Please create support ticket at and submit .nfo file from System Information utility to to help us localize the problem.
I have the same problem with 3.5.2. Creating a support ticket.
While there could be other causes for this, beware that if it is a dual-monitor setup, to select the Primary monitor from the monitor selection button, otherwise, if the secondary display is selected but it is switched off (or on the windows lock/sign-in screen) then you will see the black screen. You could also try to uninstall the software and reinstall. These things usually fix this problem for me. I control hundreds of windows 10 machines without problems, using v3.5.2.1 server & viewer
Edited: fragtion - 07.11.2018 05:15:30
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