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Color scheme changed to windows 7 basic - Radmin 3.x, windows error pops up about color scheme going to basic + the server screen flashes black and all the windows are re-arranged
It happens on all windows 7 pc's initial googling suggests its a mirror driver issue.

whenever a viewer connects with a server running windows 7 - the viewer screen flashes for a second, the open windows change order and a notification pops up about stating: " The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic. A running program is not compatible with certain visual elements of Windows. Click here for more information"

Does RADMIN has a fix for this?

Radmin 3.x uses its own mirror driver for desktop transfer. Windows Vista (as much as Windows 7) disables Aero Style each time any mirror driver starts. It is a feature of Windows; all mirror drivers disable Aero Style. Microsoft Remote Assistance has the same behavior.
thanks Anna,

i was told that Radmin 3.5 solves the issue by this setting:
Radmin server settings -> options -> miscellaneous -> load mirror driver on startup
Loading mirror drives on startup will allow you to get color scheme changed only when you turn on computer. You will have a single flash (which is how the color scheme has changed) and the user might not even notice it.
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