Radmin moving/re-sizing windows on connect/disconnect.


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Radmin moving/re-sizing windows on connect/disconnect.
I have a multi-monitor setup that I connect to and I noticed that if any windows are between two monitors the windows are either moved entirely to one monitor or are re-sized to fit on one monitor, This happens when connecting, and again when disconnecting.

I find it to be extremely annoying, and most of all harmful as I might end up clicking on something unintended if the re-arrange happens at the same time.

Is there any way to stop this from happening? Thank you.
I found a workaround from reading another post.

In settings under Miscellaneous if I enable Load Mirror Driver on Startup the screen flashes the windows re-arrange, but do not re-arrange at login or log off.

It seems the mirror driver is responsible for re-arranging the windows.

Does anybody know what is the performance penalty with keeping the mirror driver constantly running?
Otherwise, is there any way to stop the mirror driver from auto adjusting windows?
It is fixed in Radmin 3.5.2 on WIndows 8+.
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