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Licences, Home computers
Hi Chaps.

I have purchased a server licence.
Is it correct I need 1 licence for each machine.
I have set it up and it's a top program for keeping an eye on the kids.

Having 3 kids on 3 desktops makes it a bit well expencive for the home user.
Would you not be able to make the IP part of the licence. So home users can put it on there machines working behind the same IP address.

Thanks in advance for any help
Ian ;)
To Ian,
thank you for your suggestion. We'll take it into account but we will not plan to mak any changes in our licensing scheme at the nearest future.
Vladimir Arnautov wrote:
2 Ian

This issue is solved by configuration of the network router. Please contact your Network administrator in order to assign a certain port to your subnet IP

Hope this helps


Does this mean I can run more than 1 server behing my IP.... This is what this reply would imply.
This answer is alot better
Vladimir Arnautov
Famatech Sales Manager
Than your first reply from someone with your title.

There have been a number of posts changed or deleted. Reading them, has to say the least been interesting. As the replies have been e-mailed to me.

I must say if I'd have seen a post / thread like this before it was changed. I would never of entertained dealing with your company.

At the moment I have
Vladimir Arnautov
Famatech Sales Manager
Telling me it can be done...
Like I said it's a home network.
So I am the network Administrator.


Dmitry Kurashev
Famatech, Director
Telling me it can not be done.

I'll take it from some of the replies I got e-mailed with, it's a, you will have to buy a licence for each PC. You have no plans to change this in the immediate future.

Ian Oxley
Ian: one license per PC has been the standard for RAdmin pretty much from the beginning. And you have to see that they have a good point; if the licensing were based on public IP, they would have no control over how many PC's could run on a single license.

If the price is too high for you, VNC is a good free alternative; it has some nice features (though I like RAdmin better).
TekServer in exile

Thank You
A simple informative answer.

Thanks Again
2 Ian Oxley

I needed to delete two of my previous posts since they lost their relevance due to the fact that replies in this thread were many times edited and deleted by authors

Having 3 kids on 3 desktops...
At the moment I have Vladimir Arnautov...
Telling me it can be done... And... Dmitry Kurashev
Famatech, Director... Telling me it can not be done
Regarding the number of licenses that is required for your home network, you need 3 standard licenses as 1 license covers 1 remote PC. The administrator's PC does require a license. There are no plans to make changes to our licensing policy in the nearest future

What exactly is TekServer? Is it part of Radmin?
TekServer, like "stinklyonion", is a "who", not a "what".

(And sometimes he forgets and posts under old, obsolete credentials.)

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