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Simultaneous licences, Viewing the same PC many times at once
We have several people who want to view a PC at once although only one or two will actually be controling it. This is something thats ongoing and not easily covered by a netmeeting session for example as they'll be logging in at all hours of the day or night from various places around the world. So we decided to set them up on RAdmin as initially there were only 4 of them. Now we're suddenly up to 8 people interested and we've got 5 people in and then we get an error message saying: Maximum simultaneous connections reached for the server licences. Please install an additional client licence. Do we have to buy a new licence to just cover the next few weeks and run two licences on the same machine? And can we release one of them when we longer need it and could use it elsewhere. Or is there a more "elegant" solution? (like a setting somewhere for example?)

You need to purchase a special 5-cal license (which is cheaper than a normal one) and activate it above the normal one for each 5 simultaneous users above 5 initial ones.
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