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Radmin Deployement tool and licensing, Re-Installation of Radmin 3.x for permissions sake
Hello, I have been using Radmin for several years and have clients using various versions of the application. Recently I reviewed my licenses and began using the Radmin Deployment Tool to install clients as needed. I have several licenses and used the semicolon to group them together as described in the help file.

For the permissions I used the NT Security feature and created a group for viewers and domain admins full controll. I now need to create a group with full control but not domain admins, can I create the new MSI and re-push to the clients to get the access necessary and updated version without over extending my license(s)?
Reply from direct email approach.

You cannot "overactivate" Radmin, so - yes, you can.


Eugene Idzikovsky

Here goes...
Edited: Joe Choat - 02.09.2009 20:33:32
I clarify my answer for the community:
If you've already activated Radmin server, you can remove Radmin, reinstall it and activate again - that won't effect your license count. You cannot "overactivate|activate Radmin twice".
Thanks for clearing this one. This mean that you can remove Radmin from one computer and use it to another, but you can still use and activate your own account, right?
No, that can only be done at the same PC.
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