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changing bios MB, changing bios of MB - need activation?
I'm going to update (change) BIOS of my ASUS Mainboard in PC. Will it change the scoring to change activation?
I've been planning to do the same. Have you already tried it?
Don't worry - it won't.
My PC is going to die and I must buy na new one. It is still working but I think its days are numbered. Is it possible to remove license information from my old computer and move it to the new one?
HDD will be changed too. Have I buy a new license?

For this matter please submit a ticket here -
Hello again,
Finally my old notebook died. The mainboard and maybe something else burned. I saw smoke from inside of computer. So it is completly dead. Fortunately my HDD is still working - I can read and copy files from it! Where can I read (find) the license informaction including key?
Can I install the same radmin license on new computer (when I will buy in a few days/month)? There will be a new HDD (SDD) in the new notebook (when I will buy).


In Radmin server settings you will find id and name, if you will send it to us we will find your key. For this purpose could you please create a ticket here - [URL=][/URL]
But where is the file with "Radmin server settings". I can't start my old computer - I only mount HDD in usb portable case to read data from it.
Information about license was only on Radmin server settings so if you don`t have one we can search by other means such as you name, email.
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